War in Explorables

The Guild Wars Beyond “campaign” set in the War in Kryta theatre has been continuously plugging along since the culmination of Guild Wars 5th Anniversary.  A lot of it has been “cut scenes” and pings just inside what I consider core Guild Wars PvE gameplay, but that is starting to change.  The War in Kryta has been maturing in to a full fledged slice of Guild Wars.

For the uninitiated, the Guild Wars Beyond campaign is a series of updates occurring this year that will advance the story of Guild Wars towards the story in Guild Wars 2.  The first part is the War in Kryta dealing with the destruction of the White Mantle religious sect and the Krytan reclamation of the throne.  In Guild Wars 2, it appears that there are two main human bastions: Kryta (country) and Ebonhawke (fortress), and the founding characters of the two bastions are acting now in the War in Kryta.

This weekend, I heard there were new bounty quests to kill White Mantle bosses similar to those that have been experienced with the Zaishen bounties.  There are even new War in Kryta rewards.  I stepped in to an updated explorable area, and a temporary ally dropped down from the trees to join me. I could see a White Mantle blockade just ahead, and already I have felt more a part of the world than ever before.  There was no accompanying quest to trigger all this activity.

Around the forums there are many comparisons to the announced Guild Wars 2 event system and the War in Kryta content.  I find the similarities fairly apparent (considering limitations of Guild Wars 1 tech).  The explorable areas randomize and shift to give the feeling that things are changing.  There have been bits and pieces of this feeling throughout the official Guild Wars releases, but never to this degree.  I can only ask “why did it take so freaking long?”

ArenaNet’s current design philosophy of “explore and experience” are not without problems.  As I believed, the checklist explorers are doing their best to unravel the knot of events to catalogue and to share what feels like a more personal experience.  The results look iffy on paper even if great in gameplay.  I can only imagine the flowchart for a Guild Wars 2 map filled with dynamic events.

The War in Kryta is still evolving towards, what many believe, the big showdown.  We already have Krytan White Mantle hiring thugs from regions beyond Tyria.  The Shining Blade forcing asurans at swordpoint to find a weakness in the Mursaat’s magic; whereupon, the asurans go ahead and take a dead Seer and apply their own brand of magic to the powerful creature.  Princess Salma reclaiming the Krytan throne, and a Krytan ambassador going to beg to Ascalon for help.  It’s going to be very interesting to see how the Guild Wars Live Team wraps this all up!

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  1. I need to get in on this. It sounds sick!

    How much longer will the Guild Wars Live Team be producing this content? Or in other words, when will all of this end?

  2. I’ve just bought The Complete Guild Wars so as to play through all the content I’ve missed. Of course, by the time I’ve levelled up a character high enough to see this War in Kryta, GW2 will probably be out…

      1. And, I would start in Nightfall. You can complete each story with one character, but Nightfall is the best story of the three IMHO and gives Heroes.

        1. I did start in Nightfall. I made a Dervish but I just could not get the hang of him. In the first five levels all I did was run about trying to catch up with my Hero and/or my henchmen. I was levelling up fine, but it felt very much like being power-levelled by players who know far more about the game than I did but didn’t want to stop for a second to explain anythign.

          So, I made a ranger in Prophecies and started again, going at my own pace. I love the pre-Searing part of the game. When I played GW the first time round I was devastated when the whole game changed direction around level 8. I wished then, and wish now, that the whole game was just more of the pre-Searing world.

          I should point out that I already have an ascended level 20 on my original account. Didn’t quite finish the original campaign. Mrs Bhagpuss did but I got fed up of the video-gaminess of the later parts. I should just get him out and go look at the Kryta stuff, I guess.

          I just found out that there’s a whole body of folks who stay pre-Searing right to 20th so I’m quite keen to try that. I tried I first time around but I cracked at about level 10 or 11 as I recall. The lack of any means to bank stuff might just be too much to deal with, I fear.

  3. Only seen the third dialogue so far, need to finish EOTN first, or Zinn’s task before I can get to do those bounties or escort. Finishing that Gwen/Thackerey picnic quest is the problem, wish they’d chosen some other items, traded at a collector or new quests in Ascalon or Charr homelands. Have killed a few of the peacekeepers, they are certainly tougher than the other mobs in those areas, interesting builds too, and drop some nice stuff.

    You’re right, can pick out two things that seem to indicate events in the sequel. Like the way you listen to dialogue and then decide to take an action without being prompted and those random spawns of allies and encounters, though being able to re-zone kinda ruins that for now.

    It’s enough to set off some speculation, can’t help it. That first dialogue talking about the attack on Nebo Terrace, you could ignore it or go and investigate, except right now nothing much has changed besides the NPC in question giving up being an artisan. But thinking about it, don’t know what direction you could take that particular story. It’s hard not to think traditional quest: going to retrieve his wife’s jewellery is probably too specific and not very repeatable, wreaking bloody vengeance doesn’t seem too appropriate for an NPC looking to move on with his life and makes the player seem like a homicidal maniac. Maybe the answer’s right there, if you’re not there to prevent the attack then he gives up being a vendor, and that town is without that particular service until someone else decides to take up that service, probably subtle, better just wipe out all the NPCs. :)

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