Guild Wars 2 – Managing Expectations

In case you haven’t heard, Guild Wars 2 will be available to play this August if you are going to Gamescom in Germany or PAX in a September Seattle.  A lot could be theorized about what that means for launch or beta, and one has to take in to account the convention season and the demos available for other games (like The Old Republic).  What is more important, for now, is how ArenaNet has been handling expectations of their upcoming game.

A lot of chatter around the internet regarding the weekly Guild Wars 2 updates, the responses to fan questions, and the general feel of the game seems to be that it doesn’t feel like bull cocky.  Now, to compliment their marketing releases with a negative may seem trite, but with many of the recent “AAA” MMOs gamers have become wary.  Nobody wants the “hype machine.”

Now, ArenaNet says “you will play this game in three months.”  It’s hard not to keep nodding my head even though a new CRV destroyed my PAX savings.  What do I expect?  I expect to keep getting weekly updates on Guild Wars 2.  I expect ArenaNet to keep tailoring these updates to some of the worries that fans… well, worry about.  And, I expect that this huge head of steam they’ve built in the MMO community to continue because if they go back in to submarine mode again, I am not sure they can pull this off a second time.

Quite a few questions remain unanswered, and it seems they have a whole summer to get through them.  I staunchly believe that we will not really understand the event system until we’ve seen it played.  Hopefully the devs have a better understanding of herd theory and what not.  But, in three months we will see Guild Wars 2 in action.

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  1. For a few seconds I crazily considered going to the Cologne event. I’ve never thought of going to any gaming con before, not being a gamer, but the combination of a couple of days in Cologne and an hour or two of seeing GW2 in action made me go a bit giddy.More rationally, I’ll look forward to video of the event(s) and reports of how it feels to play.

    This really has been one of the best MMO marketing campaigns I can remember. I wasn’t realy even thinking of playing GW2 a few months ago, and now it’s top of my list for Next Big Game and I’ve started playing Guild Wars again after not even thinking about it for the best part of five years. I didn’t even just re-start my old, free, characters but bought the Complete Collection (and one for Mrs Bhagpuss) and started over from scratch.

    I wonder how much income the GW2 marketing blitz has already generated through increased interest in the current iteration.

  2. Great post! I know how the hype machine can kill. I’m keeping a shifty eye on GW2. I don’t expect it out till Nov 2011

  3. I really can’t wait… even if the hype doesn’t completely live up to what they say, even if it only lives up to half of what they say, add based on the extensive and amazing amount of work they put into GW so far, I can’t see this NOT being an awesome game.

    Will it dethrone the other MMO’s… certianly not. They’re all too well entrenched, both in numbers and society. But if this game’s systems work and work well, it’ll change the entire face of MMO gaming. I do like the ? above the head style, but it is way overused and cliche by now.

    I will definitely be playing it, opening day or even beta if they’ll let me. Especially if they keep the buy-once/cash-shop-for-extra-goodies marketing. I haven’t played GW1 much, but I’ve never deleted it from my PC and keep going back to it for this reason.

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