Tinfoil Hat Turbines (F2P LOTRO)

Very interesting post over at Mordor Or Bust.  Could Lord of the Rings Online possibly be looking at a F2P business model too?  Worked for Dungeons and Dragons Online.  Going to be interesting to see what they have to say at E3.  Things have been pretty dry on the LOTRO-front for awhile now.


13 thoughts on “Tinfoil Hat Turbines (F2P LOTRO)”

  1. That could be cool, but I wonder what would happen to my lifetime sub?

    1. If it does go F2Play/RMT, logically those of you with lifetime Subs should automatically get all “Paid-for” content.

      In DDO terms that would translate to you having access to all Adventure Modules, both current and future release.

  2. Dunno, the game is not nearly as well suited to selling modular content as DDO is.

  3. Even with a lifetime sub the expansions are not free. I would imagine they would sell stuff like cosmetic items, horses, and maybe even IXP runes in a cash shop.

  4. It seems like DDO must be doing well though, since codemasters (publisher for both DDO and Lotro in the EU) have also jumped onto the F2P wagon for Lotro, when they are still subscriber only for DDO.

  5. I bow down to you, sir. You posted this article one day before the official announcement from Turbine. Last night, in my guild chat, I brought up your article and the effects it could have (because I thought you made a lot of valid points) and was immediately rebuffed by the group. “You don’t know what you’re talking about!” “Why would they do that?” “DDO isn’t doing much better! They haven’t opened up any more servers!” etc. etc. etc. Of course, that was probably just alpha male posturing over the new guy in the guild. So it goes.

    Still, though. A seriously huge feather in your cap. Well done.

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