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Our very own Ethic comments on LotRO going free-to-play:

Since we are going this way now, let’s get Asheron’s Call and heck even Asheron’s Call 2 running on the same model.

The return of AC2 is an appealing notion. If that happens, I need a way to reclaim an old account with just the associated e-mail address (not the log-in name). I never made that Lugian Tactician. I also have an old AC1 account in storage; I might remember the account name on that one.

: Zubon

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  1. I too had an AC1 account, and I would like to resub, but I cannot remember my stupid ‘Zone Name’ at the time, the server or a character name. Turbine cannot help me get my old account back. Not that a level 40 or so would be a big help, but better than nothing. I do agree that f2p might be a good thing for this franchise.

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