Syp is starting Book 14 in The Lord of the Rings Online™, and I hate to warn him, but it mostly gets worse as you progress. That epic chain does have a few good fights in instances, but the whole is a train wreck of fetch quests, travel, and reminders that you are a little nothing in the storyline.

When your epic quest starts with a trip to buy honey, that should be a warning sign. It is not a battle or all about the journey; he wants expensive honey for the trip, from one of the starter towns. He wants you to visit another town for cutlery moulds. Yeah. This chain will send you to all the starter towns and across the trackless tundra. Epicness includes running across town to talk to a stablehand and walking across a building to tell someone what you just clicked on. It also mixes forced group and forced solo (instanced) content, so that you are likely to need multiple groups to get through it, even if your group held together through all the travel.

The big fight scenes are good. They can be challenging. There is a solo instance that is really great content, where you play the Ranger than every Hunter wants to be but never will (nyah nyah). It also includes one of the worst instances in the game, a repeat of a earlier map from an enemy perspective in which you kill slugs (slowly) and kick orcs awake (slowly) while running from end to beginning to end to beginning. It is a speed bump that will make you long for the hour you might spend on horses riding between towns.

If you miss that, you have Book 15 to look forward to. Epic travel while AFK on a horse!

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “14”

  1. This makes me glad that I only did book 1-8 of volume 1. Book 1 of volume 3 was pretty bad too.

  2. two points:

    1.) The fetch quests back to starter towns are actually a plot point, however misguided. The NPC specifically wants you to leave on errands long enough to sneak away from you.

    2.) Forced solo/group? Not for months now. All of volume 1 is soloable now.

    1. I was not aware that the “solo epic books” patch had gone through, as I had not played for a while. I must have re-finished Book 14 on my Minstrel shortly before that went in. Thank you for letting me know.

  3. What terrible timing for you to post this. Been working my way back through the older books I never finished, just started chapter 1 of 14 yesterday.

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