Visit Spinksville

Have you been reading Spinks lately? The woman is on fire! Lots worth reading over there, including in the comments. See Spinks on StarCraft 2 (Zubon: “WTB LAN”), tank gear (Spinks: “STFU”), cosmetic gear (I still want it as CoX unlocks rather than as inventory items), and a news summary post with actually worth reading quick comments on the news items.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Visit Spinksville”

  1. Spinks is awesome but she isn’t a man. She’s had a lot of great content lately. Also, you can follow her on twitter @copperbird

  2. Spinks is a great blogger. Always gas been since the days of Book of Grugdes. Probably even before that, but that is the first time I read her. Great plug for a fellow blogger. It’s nice to see other bloggers pointing out when someone is doing great job

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