Last Week and Next Week

  • A little bit ago: massive privacy debacle, ends with no change “for now.”
  • In a little bit: new game comes out requiring server contact to do anything, including single-player or LAN games.
  • Next year: “for now” runs out.
  • Concerned.

: Zubon

7 thoughts on “Last Week and Next Week”

  1. Unfortunately the “in a little bit” part is already true with Ubisoft’s PC games: Assassin’s Creed II, Splinter Cell Conviction and Settlers 7. All games I would have purchased by now if they didn’t have this silly always-connected DRM-server requirement for single-player and LAN play.

  2. And I just read that Blizzard is pulling a dick move and embargoing reviews until after launch. Usually that’s the tactic of a company who is worried about the quality of their project….

    I wasn’t going to buy it at launch, but yet one more reason. It looks like I’m not alone, though. According to another article, pre-orders are estimated to be 750,000. I remember when Diablo 2 came out they bragged about having over a million pre-orders….

    Interesting times, I guess.

  3. @ Brian:

    Agree that it is a strange move by Blizz in not allowing any reviews until after launch. I plan on downloading the game directly from However, I will be working when the game is unlocked for the downloaders. You don’t pay until you agree to have the game unlocked after you DL it.

    Sooo, my big plan is to watch for reviews when I am at work. If they are atrocious, I will not complete the DL and unlock the game, and thus pay for it. If the reviews are as most think they will be – I will just finish the DL when I get home later in the day.

  4. I share your concerns, Zubon… but this part:

    “new game comes out requiring server contact to do anything, including single-player or LAN games”

    *really* pisses me off. As in, I don’t do business with companies that pull that stunt.

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