“No Cover Charge”

Informis, commenting at Keen and Graev’s:

Apparently, “free-to-play” these days really means “no cover charge.”

I assume it has been said before, but this is my first time seeing this phrasing, and I like it. Can we all start using that to refer to Wizard101, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and other games with the not-quite-F2P pricing model? I’m not sure that “NCC” will catch on as an acronym, although there would be a special glory in applying it to Star Trek Online…

: Zubon

10 thoughts on ““No Cover Charge””

  1. This analogy is surprisingly apt. Drinks in bars are way overpriced except during specials, and that seems to be the way RMT is being used, and even bars with a cover charge have high priced drinks countered by regular specials.

  2. Would you really rather have a bunch of ads to pay for the game? I think League of Legends has one of the best models out of F2P games. Most of the things you purchase are just getting new content sooner or cosmetic, and the content you can get through in-game effort as well as paying.

  3. I like it too. I’ve been using “pay as you go” but “NCC” works.

  4. I dunno. That’s a good way to explain it but I don’t think they need a new label. The only games that would actually be free would be paid for by ads, and have gotta be lame since that’s just not a lot of revenue, relatively speaking. So, for a real game, having a fundamental core of the game be free is what “F2P” just plain means.

  5. I’m on board with “no cover” instead of F2P. As noted above, it’s surprisingly very apt.

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