6 thoughts on “geocities.com/KTR”

  1. So true. Especially all of the lame widgets at the bottom. (This site created with NOTEPAD!)

    I think my first webpage looked just like that too.

    Here’s my site from the late 90’s: It burns!

  2. I have long forgotten all my old websites. I remember having a gaming site back in the baud modem days. I think back than it wasn’t even a site. I think I had a special phone line put in that people called to access it during my commodore 64 days.

  3. Back in the day, EZboard was where all the cool kids hung out.

    Well… at least the ADD/OCD two-headed sewer dwellers from Tallon Zek. I was kinda upset that they dumped most of the back pages when they changed owners. There were some classic threads there. People who didn’t even play the game anymore still played the message board politics of the game.

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