Guild Wars 2 Tidbits (7/29)

When ArenaNet drops megaton bombs like the Guild Wars 2 classes, it’s easy for the community to remain focused.  However, there are still downtimes as ArenaNet preps for the upcoming conventions Gamescom and PAX East where players will be able to demo Guild Wars 2!  Even if megaton bombs are not dropping there are nice little tidbits across the ether.  Here’s a few that caught my eye:

Regina, from ArenaNet, put together a fairly comprehensive overview of what happened at the ComicCon on ArenaNet’s blog.  There’s a lot of good refreshers and reiterations, but there were two big things.  The first is that Guild Wars 2 will be “extensively voiced.”  This answer was given in response to a question asking whether Guild Wars 2 would be “fully voiced [like SWTOR].”  I like voiceovers when they are well done, but I’d rather an MMO have flexibility with areas instead of maintaining “fully voiced” status.  It’s going to take one NPC dialogue without voice in Star Wars The Old Republic for rabid fans to scream of broken promises and hearts. 

The other bit was the news that most NPC outfits players will see in Guild Wars 2 will also be wearable by players!  This is huge in my mind.  They are homogenizing the outfit system.  In so many MMOs, such as Guild Wars 1 and Lord of the Rings Online if I recall correctly, the NPC rigs are made much simpler without multiple, swappable clothing slots.  There are so many outfits NPCs wear in Guild Wars 1 that I would love to have.  Now, it seems if I am walking through Divinity’s Reach and see a Pie Seller wearing an outfit I like, I can get it for myself.  And, this is not recent news, but players will be able to wear “town clothes.” 

If you are a Guild Wars 2 fan, I hope you’ve had a chance to pick up Ghosts of Ascalon.  ArenaNet’s Jeff Grubb told us from an interview with Neoseeker that characters and places in the book will be explorable in Guild Wars 2.  I doubt ArenaNet would put something so wall-breaking (as say BioWare) for “requiring” anyone to read the book while meeting, say, Dougal Keane in Guild Wars 2, but I think the experience will be a little richer. It’s a pretty long interview with some interesting tidbits scattered here and there.  One interesting aside is Grubb’s noting of the difference between gnomes [of today / WoW / Dragonlance] and asura.  It’s interesting because the tinkering gnomes are basically Grubb’s creation.  He alludes, in the interview, that asura are better because their inventions actually work!

Finally, throughout Jeff Grubb’s super busy week he plugged the next book for Guild Wars 2 titled Edge of Destiny, which is a story about the superfamous guild Destiny’s Edge.  The five racially-balanced members of this guild are spotlighted in the second Guild Wars 2 trailer.  In Guild Wars 2, one of the player’s goals throughout the personal story is to “get the band back together.”  In Edge of Destiny we are likely going to why Destiny’s Edge is so great and perhaps what cataclysmic event tore them apart.  The book is rumored for December release.

It’s going to be interesting to see how many balls ArenaNet can juggle before their sprint through the cons complete with Guild Wars 2 demo!  We are going to learn about one more class before going in to the cons (my bet is necromancer, but I hope for a brand new class).

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3 thoughts on “Guild Wars 2 Tidbits (7/29)”

  1. I couldn’t care less about it being fully voiced or not, but I do happily welcome the clothing.

    I guess they’re freeing their people after all.

  2. Yeah I wanted the Sunspears armour for my paragon, that was so much cooler than any of the actual profession armour. Oh and even more so the Order of Whispers robes for my necro. Hoping both of those will be unlockable as a reward for maxing those ranks in GW1. Don’t ask me for the reference, maybe it was that interview you linked, it was recent info, but they mention that I can pick the armour I like and add the stats to it, so yeah a similar system to the original game but it sounds like there’ll be even more variety.

    Wasn’t too keen on the Asura before, but their supreme confidence and competence is sounding more interesting (a little on the frightening side too) than the usual bumbling stereotype.

  3. I found it interesting that ArenaNet debated whether to allow all five races to play all eight classes.

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