How’s Fallen Earth Going?

On another point of inquiry, are folks still excited and rocking in the wasteland? There was chatter for months after it came out, and it sounded like everyone was really enjoying it, but that was when I was transitioning into my non-MMO year and I did not pick it up. I don’t hear nearly as much these days, though I know some CoWs are still active.

The comments are yours. Feel free to pimp and recruit.

(I have also been curious about EQ2 lately; I don’t know if the “no cover charge” announcement makes me more likely or more leery.)

: Zubon

13 thoughts on “How’s Fallen Earth Going?”

  1. Yeah, um, I really enjoyed Fallen Earth. But then it got kind of dreary all the time with the wasteland and such. Then I didn’t want to pay the monthly fee for a while. Now I have not gone back, but I want to. Sooner or later.

  2. I played the 14 days of my trial religiously and at the time decided not to dive. Nothing in there really called me.

  3. EQ2 is definitely worth a look, especially when the no-cover thing comes into effect, since it allows you a non-time-limited trial, and if there’s one thing EQ2 has, it’s a lot of there there to explore. Or if you prefer a more traditional trial, say the word and I’ll fire you a referral code (which apparently will still work once the no-cover system goes into effect).

  4. I tried the game last year and was very impressed with the action packed tutorial. However my friend got me sucked into WOW about the same time so I sadly I never made it back.

  5. Fallen Earth is two things to me:

    1. A shooter.

    2. A post-apocalyptic scavenging game.

    The second part carried me for a couple of months, but my conclusion for the first part is: There are so many great shooters in the non-MMO market that it doesn’t compare well.

    I wish them all the best as an independent MMO, but ultimately the direction didn’t fulfil me.

  6. Z-
    The Tuesday night CoW static group is still going strong in FE. We started at level 1 and are just now hitting level 35. There are a couple others who are also still active as well (some are waiting until we get up into the mid 40s to join us for Deadfall.) I logged in today after work and three of us were in game.

    We also have a Monday night Champions Online static group. We’ve got a themed supergroup (19th century circus acts/freaks) and are just starting out if you’re interested in that.

  7. I had to unsubscribe during the winter to focus on school, and haven’t felt the need to go back. I want to go back, but not until I know the game’s in active development (ie: until they release sector four, originally due last December).

  8. My computer couldn’t handle it anymore as I could only get 9-12 FPS even in the open areas. I do really enjoy the game though, but with LOTRO taking my MMO time and me not wanting multiple subs, I may not go back for a while. Unless, of course, there’s a deal on subs or something to that nature.

  9. I really wanted to love this game… but along the lines of what Rog said above, I wish the game had gone more toward the way Global Agenda plays, more shooter-like.

  10. I play with Scott in the CoW static group. Anyone who has had an account can get 2 free weeks to check in out again right now. You just have to log into the account page and click a button before August 4th or maybe 6th. I read some people saying the latest patch increased their FPS.

  11. I had 14 days free waiting so I just popped back in. There is something to be said about galloping your horse into a bandit camp with 2 pistols blazing, all without getting off the horse. Destroy the camp and ride off into the sunset. It has it’s moments to be sure.

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