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A lot of people that watched the leaked videocam of a Guild Wars 2 demo (beware: poor quality and obviously a dev in godmode), saw at the very end of the video… dun dun dunhhh… a kill ten rats quest… specifically an asura needs harpy glands to make some perfume.  Go kill enough harpies to get the harpy glands.

At first, I was kind of bummed just because some naysayers put down the event quite harshly.  But, I thought about the differences.  Crucial differences.

First, it’s not a quest for you.  It’s an event for anybody that wants to help.  Honestly, though, that isn’t a very strong selling point.  Kill ten rats together is still… you know.  In hindsight, it really had to be expected.  They have over a thousand events, if not more.  In a game based largely on combat, I think it would be nearly impossible to make each event based on something other than kill count or item collection.  It is very unlikely that Guild Wars 2 can defy each and every convention in the MMO genre.  This one just hit close to home.

Anyway, the reason to write this post is the second difference.  When a player completes the quest for the asura by bringing back a handful of harpy jigglies, the world changes.  Perhaps the asura starts selling perfume to players for a short time.  Perhaps the asura tells each buying player that it was thanks to Legolocharr that he can sell perfume.  That’s the potential I hope ArenaNet taps to make their kill ten rats events a bit more special than what we are used to.


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  1. Yeah – although ANet has said that there would be dynamic events where you go to an asura and he makes you run some errand for him (sounds like a quest to me!) there’s a bit of a “…really?” reaction to seeing it in action. On the other hand, the asura in question didn’t have a quest indicator over his head, which means players will have to do some hunting more along the lines of Oblivion or Mass Effect (rather than Dragon Age, which did have quest indicators).

    I don’t want to make excuses for the mechanic, as there will be enough people screaming “see? A quest!”, but I do hope the devil’s in the details.

    I wish this weren’t the first footage we were seeing. It would be so much nicer to have the high-quality demo walkthrough introduce us to things instead.

  2. Yeah that footage was really bad. Thanks for the explanation, I wondered why the harpies were being killed.

  3. that footage took some serious wind out of my sails. i have been listening to all 3 podcasts etc in anticipation of this game. then the first live footage is a quest from wow’s elf noob zone…

    i still think this game has a lot to offer. change in mmo’s will be gradual, not one game being completely revolutionary

  4. Yeah it does seem like a kill ten rats quest, the differences being that all players can help collect the item, there’s not an actual number but a progress bar so the player can collect as many as they want until they get bored and the asura is not there all the time. Out of context it does seem a bit disappointing, but ask what happens next? Can the love potion be used to trigger some other event? do the harpies retaliate? I know it might sound boring, but there is some excitement in anticipating where it might lead, unlike traditionally where you get an reward and move on.

  5. Seriously? Only you could try to spin a collection quest like that. You should work in Illinois Politics we could use a guy like you!

      1. Also, I am still kind of bummed… but yeah, without mechanics like this I cannot imagine them creating over a thousand events.

  6. I just had to laugh, not because they had a KTR quest, but because last week they released a manifesto video that sent shockwaves throughout the MMO community saying that they were going to innovate beyond the stereotypical KTR experience.

    PvE was going to be fun! Exciting! Dynamic!

    It’s KTR in a group guys and it’s going to win you a temporary perfume merchant! Are you amazed?!

    Sigh… “Bears bears bears.”

    This is the second hole poked in the video for me. At first it was unclear what they meant when they said your character would have a huge impact on the world without specifying instance world or persistent. Then they said, instance, duh. Persistent would be too hard.

    Sigh again.

    One would think people in the know would watch the videos and pick apart inconsistencies and half-truths before releasing them for public consumption.

    Still very interested in GW2, but I feel a little like they’re trying to play us for chumps.

    1. Yes, I would definitely consider this their first blunder with “broken promises.” Sure they didn’t say “we have no KTR mechanics at all,” but it was really implied that there would be no events feeling like KTR quests.

      I think that the gamescom wave is going to sweep this away to let them recover and rethink.

  7. IMO this is not spin, it’s a complete non-issue.

    Folks, IT’S A COMPUTER PROGRAM. How’s it gonna keep track of shit besides numbers? For that matter, the real actual universe uses math. STFU nerds, you don’t even know what you’re bitching about! ha. ;-P

    So long as there actually are consequences to the 10 rats being dead, it /is/ a gaming evolution of great significance. But that is the condition. If the asura is nothing but a typical mmo pez dispenser npc afterall, then it is indeed a failure.

  8. I love “Kill 10 rats” quests. My favorite kind, in fact. Simple, clean, easy to understand and complete. I have to confess that it was only in the last couple of weeks, when you specifically mentioned it, that I realised the name of the “Kill Ten Rats” blog was ironic!

    KTRs are, for me at least, the perfect sweet spot between “grinding” (which I swear we used to call “hunting”, which is what I still call it in-game, as in “Does anyone want to come hunt gnolls for an hour?”) and questing. It gives you a focus but it still allows you plenty of freedom.

    A combination of KTRs and public quests sounds very attractive to me. I’m sure there will be plenty of more complex stuff for those that like to think while they slaughter, though.

  9. Warning- My English is very bad as its not my native language and I am even poor at my native Spanish

    I have seen that leaked footage and i would like to state the context of the event is not known. If you consider it to be an event trigger then it could play out different.

    After you collect the glands lets say the asura starts to make the potion. Then his golem says somthing along the lines of enemies approaching. Then harpies start swooping in and attacking the asuras wagon. He then says something along the lines of “Stop the harpies from shaking the wagon as this perfume/potion is very volitile and will explode. So you stop the harpies then maybe it ends or then it becomes a escort mission to the closest town or you fail the wagon blows up merchant guy is dead and all the harpies get sprayed with love perfume and start mating amassing a large army of harpies through reproduction and then attack the closest town. just saying we really don’t know how this will play out even though it starts with KTR. The other side is it is filled with KTR quests and the game will bomb because it sucks. Not really hoping for the latter

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