I played a bunch of Guild Wars this weekend as I am slowly working on my titles.  17 more Nightfall explorable areas to completely vanquish of mobs, and I will hit “I’m Very Important” from the maxed titles achievement track.  This might come as a surprise to many of you who might think that I should be a “God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals” considering how big a fan of Guild Wars I am.  But, I play Guild Wars for fun, and it is fun.  When it’s not fun (and vanquishing is coming close to not), I stop playing the game or gameplay type within the game.

Although, like many of the casual hardcore club, I have kept my eyes on the prize of having a super-Saiyan Hall of Monuments simply because of the link between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2.  This goal has conflicted with more fun Guild Wars gameplay like the recent War in Kryta mini-campaign or the inefficient Fort Aspenwood PvP map.  Other things like Eye of the North reputations have slowly been built up, my Sweet Tooth and Party Animal titles are about to break 2,000, and I’ve been hoarding diamonds for the hopeful market jump.  With upcoming Hall of Monuments news, this might all change.

The biggest “sleeper” hit for Guild Wars 1/2 coming out of gamescom was, in my opinion, about the Hall of Monuments. This reward system would comprise a point-system to unlock the goody bags in Guild Wars 2, and the Hall of Monuments guide was coming to ArenaNet’s website(s) “very soon.”

Until this news hit, I was pushing for some openness, but now that the golden carrot is peeking over the horizon, I have to wonder.  I am reminded about the now-cancelled ABC series Flash Forward, which as bad as it was in parts (like the main characters and their actors), it was a decent mystery placebo for not having LOST.  The whole premise of the show is that the entire human population gets a flash forward of themselves in the future.  The daughter of the main character says that because of this flash forward there will be “no more good days.”

For better or worse, having the link between Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 is going to have a big effect on how players will play Guild Wars.  It’s going to be a struggle between playing Guild Wars for the shiny Guild Wars 2 future or playing Guild Wars to… uhh, play Guild Wars.  This struggle has been present in the meta-conscious since the original Hall of Monuments announcement, but I feel that having an objective reward schedule will solidify the struggle in to a true meme.

Take the Guild Wars Beyond chapter the War in Kryta, for example.  There is very little War in Kryta content that relates to the Hall of Monuments.  The chapter was filled with new daily quests, some new mini-missions, and a nice story to push Kryta’s history towards Guild Wars 2.  There were even two new purchasable costumes that players could wear to commemorate this great addition to Guild Wars.  Now let’s assume we know all about the Hall of Monuments.  Would players be as excited knowing the hours they put in to playing War in Kryta was wasted for Guild Wars 2?  Would players be as excited to purchase the 2 costumes for $10 knowing that the $10 would never pay off for Guild Wars 2?

Of course, this is all my Achiever-ego talking.  The other three Bartlettes, and likely many intelligent readers, are scoffing at the struggle.  It’s a game.  Play to have fun.  If it is more fun to put in work to prep for Guild Wars 2, then do that.  If it is more fun to play through a well-crafted story, or do the dailies, or jump into some casual PvP, then do that.

ArenaNet’s decisions on the reward system will have the biggest effect on this Achiever struggle.  I am hoping that the top tier unlocks will be accessible to most dedicated players.  That way with a little effort a Guild Wars player can unlock all the Guild Wars 2 goodies, and then get back to just playing Guild Wars.  It will be interesting to see how much ArenaNet panders to the “elite.”  But, that’s an article to write when the Hall of Monuments article drops.  Until then…

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12 thoughts on “HoM-rizon”

  1. Very interesting posting.

    I know a lot of *huge* GW fans who are not playing actively or are on achievement hunt. As I think silly and grindy achievements for every BS are the bane of modern game design (every game nowadays has tons of achievements for everything possible, just to keep people playing and paying) and also against the spirit of GW (1… not sure about GW 2!) I stopped at 26 or 27 titles, which really irks me, as I would really like to have “God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals”.

    But I fail at drinking enough beer, eating enough sweets and then would still have one more title to get. That a German fails at drinking enough beer is kinda funny.

    I would also like to know if a complete Minipet collection will offer something special. I have year 4 incomplete, as is year 5. Will it matter if I have all Destroyer Weapons and Tormented Weapons, or is one set enough?

    There are many more questions like that, regarding individual achievements like clearing the Underworld, before or after Dhuum, killing Mallyx… I focused on the hall of the main character, and wonder if GW2 will take the whole account in regard or individual char achievements.

    So yeah, give me that HOM guide… now.

    I think it is good that they already work on this, and not as the last thing on the to-do-list. Players would be royally pissed if they would reveal this just before GW2 launch.

  2. It’s very strange, but I’ve been really meaning to play more Guild Wars as they’re leading up to Guild Wars 2. Partly because there’s so much more I need / want to complete before the transition– I just haven’t been able to get back into it though.

    I have like, zero achiever-ego I think. Either that or I used it all up when City of Heroes first added achievements in 2004 (I did kinda go nuts then).

    It’s more like, finishing a good book before starting the next part in the series.

    Sooner or later, more Guild Wars. I keep telling myself.

    I have waaaaaay too many games stacked up to play after the summer Steam sales. D’oh.

  3. It will be enough for me to just finish my run to 20. I’m not sure I’ll even bother to buy the Eye of the North expansion. The HoM really has no appeal to me so far.

    1. Eye of the North is Guild Wars 1.5. Well worth a look, it shows a bit the direction of GW2.

      EOTN adds quest-style missions right into the explorable areas and dungeons and some really awesome environments. For that alone its well worth it!

      Level 20 in Guild Wars is not the end, it is the beginning! The game gets better the longer you play it. And there are many chapters to explore.

      You gotta see this giant frostwyrm, the undead pirates of Orr, and the frozen dragon in Lake Drakkar.

      As an extra bonus you can always come to my HoM for an armor and minipet show, if you want. :)

  4. I have always loved the hilarious titles in Guild Wars for things which take hundred of hours to achieve. You gotta have a sense of humour.

  5. You should link up with my wife, she’s always vanquishing something every night.

    I detest going out of my way for silly achievements, so she’s usually on her own or with another OCD-ridden guildie.

  6. They better bring back Kilroy Stonekin for GW2, she said in a menacing tone of voice.

  7. I bought the WiK costumes. I did the whole WiK content on my main. I’m working on my titles and have 25 at the moment. I might have GWAMM by GW2 release and maybe not. If they release more GW1 content, I will do that also. I also spend a lot of time helping guildmates to accomplish things.

    Why? Because I love playing Guild Wars. I don’t do things just for GW2. I do things to keep playing the game and interact with friends. I go with friends to do content that I finished already, just to look at the scenery. I was too busy the first time through.

  8. Right now I am in somewhat of a Guild Wars slump. It feels more like something that I should do than something that I want to do.

    When I do log in I have the most fun playing casual pvp (FA and AB when the waits are not horribad). I really like collecting builds and outfitting my characters for pvp! One of the reasons I probably don’t come back as frequently as I should is that I don’t know many people that still play. I have always been in a small guild with a group of college friends and they have long since lost interest. I also recently reached a title milestone (People Know Me) and soloing the Guardian & Vanquisher titles doesn’t seem very fun at the moment either.

    I’m not sure what I’m getting at. I think Guild Wars 2 just needs to hurry up and get here!

  9. Hm. While I do admit that even I get a bit twitchy when I’m at oh, 1190/1200 rare items identified, I must be one of those weirdos who really doesn’t care about achievements *that don’t give appreciable gameplay benefits*

    As a result, I think I’m sitting (more or less stuck) at 21 titles because… I’ve done all the titles I find fun.

    I have about 1.5% of each continent left to explore. If I would just go and do it, I’d get 25 titles, just like that. But you know what? I LOATHE spinning and scraping. I HATE cartography with a passion. Somehow I’m happy running up and down maps for hours killing things, but once it turns into uncover the tiny fog there… I start getting an actual, RL headache. -_-

    So. Cartographer for me, extremely unlikely. (Made even funnier by how I absolutely love vqing, and got legendary vqer without a single spin and scrape lol.)

    I like being drunk – I like the post process effects, I like vqing while drunk even more. But I often forget to drink. So >.> that’s 9000 minutes or so more, assuming I REMEMBER to drink while killing things. So obviously, I’m not gonna sweat that.

    Sweets? Blah! Don’t want to click! Party points? The same.

    I hate farming with a passion. It’s not that I think that people shouldn’t farm – it’s just that I personally hate doing it. So, no chest farms, no rare drop farms, etc for this nugget.

    And you know what?

    I’m happy. I don’t care that my titles are stuck at 21 (well ok perhaps I care a little bit, but not enough to actually make me, y’know, get more titles). I tinker with builds, dip my toes more and more into lowbie pvp, finding that I really LIKE GW’s setup for pvp… and I trundle along merrily.

    HoM having some repercussions in GW2?

    Just icing on the cake, baby. Or if you prefer >.> batter on the nugget.

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