Achievement unlocked

Achievement earned

I took on my raid – er, ultramarathon – and completed it in a little over 23 hours. The weather was perfect, the scenery was stunning and the experience was unforgettable but it was tough and apparently about 1 in 4 runners wiped. Many thanks to those who offered well wishes and thoughts after my last post about this.

On a side note, and to try and keep this in relation to MMOs, amongst the tunes I loaded onto my MP3 player in preparation for the event I had the soundtracks to World of Warcraft (and expansions) and EVE Online – for as much as I’m not keen on the gameplay, I love the soundtrack. And, inspired by Zubon, I also had the Half-Life 2 soundtrack to listen to – the event route was annoyingly linear in parts.

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    1. Wow – those guys are amazing. A totally different league altogether. There’s a couple of desert races I’ve got on my “maybe one day” list but 38 miles a day for 111 days? I think the wife would have something to say about that. Not to mention my feet, heart, lungs, kidneys etc.

      I’m not going to offer any advice about running or whatever – I love it (obviously) but not everyone does. All I will say is go for it and I hope you do enjoy it.

    1. Overall, yes; average speed was about 3.8mph – but that’s a brisk but-not-uncomfortable walking speed solidly for 23 hours. That doesn’t take into account stops at checkpoints and half way (for hot meal, change into night gear etc.) or that you slow down during the night. Nor does it reflect the ~2500m of total ascent nor the fact that the tracks are anything but flat and smooth in places.

      I’m sorry I don’t seem that quick enough for you – the winners did it in 14 hours and a fair few (experienced ultrarunners) I know did manage it between 19-22 hours. I covered the first 45 miles in under 9 hours and slowed right down for the second half. A quick time was never my goal – finishing was.

  1. You should try that stroll to Mordor thing. I think you just keep track of how far you go each day and then go to the website and it’ll tell you how far you would have traveled if you were a hobbit walking to Mordor (something like that I think).


  2. grats, that is tough.

    I remember back when I could run reading an interview with one of the elites re: marathons, and he said something to the effect of “You think running a marathon in just over 2 hours is hard? I think you guys are crazy for running for 4 to 6 hours!” :) He just thought running for that length of time was really tough :) I can’t imagine going for a whole day.

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