Accepting Responsibility

Via our good friend Darren comes this developer post. You should read it all because, holy crap, that is how you admit that the launch did not go well. It would take longer to summarize than for you to read it, so I give you this excerpt:

The point is, the issue here is far far worse than many of you think it is. I wish it was an issue of the game being released too early. That’s an easy thing for a company to “fix”. Elemental’s launch is the result of catastrophic poor judgment on my part.

You win back a surprising amount of trust by not acting like the Iraqi information minister. [Commenters say, “no.”]

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “Accepting Responsibility”

  1. “When Demigod had it’s fiasco launch, and Brad went all sincere about their errors, i felt really impressed.

    now i just feel a deja vu.” -Burningpet

    That poster sums up my take on it.

  2. Well, you missed the 2 weeks of iraqi-style denial since the game was released on 8/24. This is the developer owning up and saying “You know what, you guys were right.” That’s nice and all, but it doesn’t excuse making the mistake in the first place. And yeah, he addresses that too.

  3. The game itself is pretty alright, even if it lacks some depth (only two ‘wonders’/’secret projects’, apparently), but my main point of contention is the damn thing keeps crashing.

    I’ve not played it since Stardock released its most recent patch, but I’ve had enough trouble with it already; I’m just setting it aside until the game is repaired a little more.

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