Good Morning, PAX

PAX starts today, and of course I am on the wrong coast.  There should be a lot of great information flowing out of the last big convention of the year.  Guild Wars 2 is running another set of demos, but unfortunately will not have a live stream like they did from gamescom.  They will, however, be constantly updating the website and doing live Tweets of events throughout the weekend.  The best place to follow all the news is at Guild Wars 2 Guru’s megathread.  Also, I will sell a portion of my soul to anybody that can get me a Guild Wars 2 t-shirt!

I’ll be watching other new from across the MMO board as well, but hopefully Syp will have a great breakdown as he will be there.  Hopefully this year everybody has built up their Vitamin C caches.  Have fun to all attending!


3 thoughts on “Good Morning, PAX”

  1. Don’t you think that they might sell these shirts eventually? I hope so! I’ll be holding down the fort on the east coast as well :/.

  2. Yes, I would gladly sell a small portion of my soul for one of these t-shirts, too. I hope they go on sale at the NCSoft GW store. Soon. Very soon.

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