LEGO Universe Beta

The closed beta just went 24/7, which is a good sign of movement towards release. I have not tried it much, because I decided it was not for me, at least not in the mood I am in this year, but I should say: as far as I experienced it, the game was more polished than most games are months after release. And that was a couple of months ago.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “LEGO Universe Beta”

  1. The game is amazingly fun to play in my opinion, but unfortunately it is really lacking in content. You can complete ALL of the content currently in the game in under 20 hours.

  2. Hoping they do an open beta soon as I’d like to give it a run. Sadly, I bet 20 hours of content would take me weeks at my current weekly gaming allotment timewise.

  3. Of course in the beta, everything is changing. Some aspects are getting more epic whilst others are getting rather nerfed. I hope this game succeeds despite the lack of extensive content and other game-breaking issues. We are about 1.5 months from release and it is starting to look like another “Tabula Rasa Rush-job” before the release date. I hope it fares better.

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