Changing Times (1)

You used to suspect eBay when you met someone at the level cap with decent gear who did not know what half his abilities were, how to function in a group, or where common locations were. Now that is normal.

: Zubon

As a LotRO Hunter, I have contributed to that. Why find the dungeon when someone can summon from the campfire?

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  1. My excuse is that I normally play drunk and have a hard enough time focussing on the screen let alone trying to find out where things were.

  2. The problem here is that we upgraded the method and made more convenient (dungeon finder, huzzah) but we haven’t, and probably won’t upgrade the infrastructure to accompany it (graveyards in odd/faraway places, boo).

    Because let’s face it, putting graveyards out of the way did not ‘add’ anything and the only thing it did was to dick players a bit. There never was any ‘danger’ while being a ghost and trying to find the way back, nothing could attack you, etc. It was purely a time penalty to the player, not the character.

    In the end it’s not a big deal until/unless it starts destroying groups when the complication of returning beats the convenience of the dungeon finder. Beats the spirit of having a DF in the first place..

    1. I agree. Having played Horde characters my entire gamespan, getting a lowbie thrown into Deadmines was fun! New content! Until we wiped, and nobody knew which random house had the secret passageway. Ever done Maurudon? Good luck remembering which color crystal you’re supposed to follow… in black and white. If you don’t get lost in the caves, or try to go the wrong way around the mountains.

      There’s no reason for this, at all. It’s painful.

      If Blizzard wants there to be a time penalty for dying, put in an FPS respawn timer. If Blizzard wants to have an immersive world, have a Spirit Guide actually guide us to where we died. Don’t make us stumble about in the dark. Or grey. You know what I mean.

      At the very least, I’m hoping Cataclysm will force them to move the game’s graveyards to more sensible places.

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