Undead Labs Ticking Along

There’s been some recent activity at Undead Labs.  You might recall they are the newest MMO hotshots in town going to create a console-based zombie MMO.  The best thing is that Jeff Strain and Co. are taking a page right from their alma mater ArenaNet and creating some brilliant concept art right off the bat.  You can check out their art director’s post here, but one of the scariest, most haunting zombie pieces ever I just had to include after the break.  I seriously can’t believe it’s just concept art.

It’s just beautiful. A human passing along comes upon a clean, fast zombie. There is that moment. That single moment before the next instance erupts.  The sun is shining.  Butterflies are flying around unperturbed.  And, you know… you know that the forest has gone silent.  Doug Williams seriously did this piece exactly right. It’s haunting.


3 thoughts on “Undead Labs Ticking Along”

  1. Nice work indeed.

    You ever wonder if they’ll make a “concept-art” rendering setting for 3D modeling?
    Personally I’d think that would be awesome.

    Good luck to Undead Labs too, hope to see it pull through and surprise us all

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