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Team Fortress 2 has decided to sell the random drops you can find, along with some new cosmetics (dye) and miscellany. They also added 17 new items, composing sets (with set bonuses) for 5 classes, conveniently available as one bulk package. And some new rare items (you may need to buy a key to get them; I have only seen the boxes drop) and item trading. There is some question about whether everything can really be found or crafted, but that will mostly be speculation given the few days the new toys have been around. I have found one of them so far.

So far, I have heard “Korean MMO” only twice, plus one guy shouting about kids who waste money on useless crap. Personally, I sympathize with their accountants in the blog post “who — after watching with tooth-grinding irritation as we shipped over 120 free updates to a three-year-old game — gently suggested that we ‘make some f$*&ing money already.'”

I am torn at times with respect to encouraging potentially negative revenue models with wanting to reward publishers whose content I enjoy at great length and low cost. I know people who have maintained (sometimes multiple) accounts to niche games mostly as developer charity. TF2 has been worth more to me than most purchases that did not include the rest of the Orange Box. So I do not mind the idea of passing them extra money, ostensibly for the new toys but really for several years of ongoing development and nigh-free fun. I just want the store to have a box where I can say, “I am not encouraging you to make this a cash cow, but I thought the game was worth far more than it cost, so I wanted you to get a share of that consumer surplus.”

The game can now have a de facto subscription fee, in that crates (with potentially rare items) drop but keys cost $2.49. Open one a week and you are paying $10/month.

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5 thoughts on “TF2 Item Shop”

  1. I am curious to see if skill alone can dominate the TF2 playing field or if you now must purchase a few items and upgrades to ensure you’re on a level playing field.

    1. Nothing new is that game-changing. Some playstyles received a boost. The new Pyro gun, for example, is brilliant for my buddy who constantly lights, airblasts, and Axetinguishers people; it is worse for me, because I am more likely to set a bunch of people on fire and run for safety, but the new weapon supports my playstyle (which involves more maps with water). Someone in the full Sniper suit can survive headshots, but bodyshots still work; this does mean that a Sniper with pocket Medic cannot be one-shot by other Snipers, but two bodyshots still work, and that is two characters countering two characters. The Scout’s milk and Soldier’s banner replacement are group defensive buffs, rather than solo or +crit items.

    2. It’s an issue of items that are different, not better. I think the most playstyle-changing item is Your Eternal Reward, a knife for the spy that removes the ability to disguise at will, but kills silently and disguises you as the person you just killed when you backstab.

  2. It’s just changes. Nothing is better, we (players) aren’t yet used to the new weapons and we don’t know how to react to them.
    Altho I gotta admit that The Eternal Reward is really a weapon giving alot of kills.

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