Monument of Many Valors (Guild Wars)

If you play Guild Wars, check out the Guild Wars War in Kryta survey. It seems that not only is ArenaNet listening to the over ten thousand responses, but they are already acting in response to the results. One question was “how happy were you with the rewards from the War in Kryta content.” Apparently the masses were not happy with the value of the Oppressor’s weapons, which take some considerable time to receive. In response, ArenaNet allowed the Oppressor’s weapon to be added to the Monument of Valor in the Hall of Monuments. This happened before fans received any Guild Wars 2 Hall of Monuments reward schemes, however ironically soon they may come.

There are two interesting effects that this change may have caused. The first is another change to get the Hall of Monuments back from the embarrassing grind that some rewards require. By giving players another route to fill the Monument of Valor, ArenaNet is reaffirming the much better design theory where players are rewarded for playing their way. More options to complete rewards is always a good thing. The darker side is that ArenaNet may have once again eroded the epic elitism that the Monument of Valor once contained. Ultimately, this kind of change is a good thing, but people that used to kill ultra-Margonites in 5 feet of snow and no shoes while going uphill are not going to be happy.

Long ago with the dawn of the Hall of Monuments, the Monument of Valor refused to allow any weapon – no matter the rarity – except for the Eye of the North’s Destroyer weapons. The elite PvE players cried to the heavens that some of their favorite weapons, which were truly evocative of their hardcore nature, were not allowed in the great Hall. Honestly, they had a point. Every other Monument took accomplishments from a wider range of content including the three campaigns except for the Monument of Valor, beholden only to the single expansion. ArenaNet relented and allowed the beautiful tormented weapons to be included in Valor. That seemed to quell the outcry enough.

Now, the Oppressor’s weapons allow for another route to fill the Monument of Valor with 11 displayable weapons (more can be added, however). Instead of relying on rare and elite materials that can be bought and sold, Oppressor’s weapons can only be gained through personal gain of 10 Medals of Honor, which cannot be bought or sold. Medals of Honor can be gained through upgrading the other collectible barter items in the War in Kryta, which are received from drops and daily War in Kryta quests. The content is not hard, but it can take awhile to acquire enough barter items to get 10 Medals of Honor.

The most interesting thing is that arguably the easiest Valor weapons to acquire were the only ones that were able to be dedicated to the Monument. A player can easily obtain them through completion of the Eye of the North expansion and a bit of NPC trading. The two weapon sets added afterwards require some actual player achievement, and their open market price reflects the difficulty in acquiring the two. So really there was no elitist erosion at all. It was quite the opposite. ArenaNet added weapon sets to Valor that were harder to get.

This change really came out of left field. It is a very welcome change, in my opinion. It will be interesting to see if any other changes will come from the survey data, and this definitely cracks the door on the possibility of another hard look at the Guild Wars titles and Hall of Monuments requirements. Will there be more change before we get some Hall of Monuments information? It will be interesting to see.


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  1. To this day (and we’re talking since EotN came out. A good while.) I still don’t “get” the Hall of Monuments and all the hoopla about it. Or rather, I don’t “get” the huge grind associated to it and why it has to be that way.

    *shrug* Mysteries of GW. I’m probably the only one who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the Hall of Monuments.

    1. I think of it as a house (a less-comfortable unfurnished house) where you can store trophies for free. It’s like the place I could never afford in LOTRO where I can show off that I bought this armor or acquired this pet.

      That there may be a small gift associated with it in the next game is of no real consequence to me, and I’m not a title-chaser (the only one I have is for completing Prophecies in Normal Mode). I just like having a place that keeps track of the stuff I’ve acquired over 5 years. It’s not much, but it’s mine.

  2. I’m amazed at how rapid the response was to the survey… I’m even more excited for the next chapter in guild wars beyond with the possiblity of more weapons for HoM and perhaps even more challening quests and missions.

    1. I think it may still be a ways off.

      They’ve said they’re going to update the Costume Brawl (and possibly the Halloween events), then they have to update the Dervish skills, then they promised the Paragon updates, and then (supposedly) a new HoH map that they said would be added almost 2 years ago.

      They have quite a bit to do….and I have a hard time seeing all of it finished within the next two years, especially considering that the WiK took 6 months to fully release.

  3. I had put my three Destroyer weapons into the HoM and left it at that. I’m not big on spending time farming gems in DoA to get Torment weapons. But, amazingly, I actually have some Medals of Honor, so now I will be able to add Oppressor weapons to my Valor monument. So I’m very happy with this new addition to the game. And, like Ravious, really amazed that it happened so quickly.

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