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There is a reason Zubon’s seminal post “A Fable” is consistently the biggest draw to our humble little blog. It brings perspective. A perspective that a fellow gamer, significant other, or concerned friend might feel is missing. The big message underneath the three short paragraphs, for me at least, is to be mindful of my actions, especially with regard to time-consuming MMO games. Last week I received a huge dosage of perspective. My skinny, non-smoking 30-year old wife had a stroke.

So much information is unimportant to this blog, but she is doing fine. Our lifestyle may have to change since she has some brain damage in her left occipital lobe, which is responsible for parts of vision. She can watch T.V. and email fine, but we’re not sure what her driving capabilities will be. (Thankfully we live in Virginia where you can have a nearly blind single eye worth of sight and still pass the driving test.)

It wasn’t long before I thought of “A Fable,” and in some small part, it actually made me happier. I realized after being slapped in the face by the reality dev that I gamed just enough that it made me happy without taking away from the many other important things, namely my wife and my two daughters. I did not feel I had gamed away lost time.

Of course there is so much perspective I received that is irrelevant here, but I can better understand the importance of my gaming time in relation to the some many other things in my life. Life will go forward. I will still game and blog, and the importance of the things that truly make “me” will be held all the more closely in my heart. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.

but we’ll get together then

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