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Amazingly enough, ArenaNet dropped one of the most sought after Guild Wars 2 bits on a Friday. The Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator is now available for Guild Wars players to peruse the goals and rewards. Simply head to the Calculator and put your character’s name in, and the Calculator will do the rest.

There are 50 available points, and each accomplishment will give various amounts of points. For example, putting any statue in to the Monument of Honor gives 2 points, 5 statues gives 3 points, but then 10, 15, 20, etc. statues only nets 1 point each tier. Therefore, the point curve is weighted towards easy to get started, but hard to complete.

There are tangible rewards at each point until 30, and a title at every 5 points. For example at 10 points a player gets a Fiery Dragon Sword and the title “Guild Warrior,” 11 points nets a Diamond Aegis (shield), 12 points gives a Centurion’s Claw (double-bladed dagger), and so on. There are also minipets, such as the Orrian Baby Chicken at 15 points, and ranger pets, such as the Black Moa also available at 15 points. After 30 points, the only rewards are titles every 5 points. So there are no rewards at 31-34 points, and at 35 points the player is rewarded with the “Ghostly Hero” title. The final reward is “Champion of the Gods” at 50 points.

From a coinciding Kotaku article:

Hargrove tells me that the rewards are balanced so the casual players have a good chance to score the items they want. “There’s more prestige stuff (titles, for instance) at the top, but everything is geared towards the bottom because we wanted to appeal more to the casual players.”

The first 30 points of rewards are items, and the team expects most people to consider themselves finished after the first 30 points, once the items run out. The final 20 points of rewards are all prestige. “We didn’t want players to feel like we’re asking them to do everything,” explains Hargrove.

There are no available stats or anything like that for the low-level gear rewards right now, but with recent discussions on the Transmutation Stones, a player could utilize the gear skins of any of the Hall of Monument rewards all the way to level/gear cap. Even though I will most likely have to pay extra for the privilege, the option is much better than some of the original Guild Wars promo items, which became worthless after a few short levels. (EDIT: Regina clarified that transmuting these rewards to higher levels of gear stats will be done in a different manner than transmutation stones. Very cool.)

What’s really cool is players can make a to-do list to get to whatever reward level they want. Every accomplishment is not required to hit 50 points. I think ArenaNet did this quite intelligently. There will be some rage, but with how easy it is to get 30 points – therefore all the gear – I can’t imagine much intelligent rage.

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12 thoughts on “Hall of Monumental Rewards Calculator”

  1. According to Anet’s FAQ God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals will be tranfereable to your account in Guild Wars 2 seperate from the Hall of Monuments. Hopefully that will stave off the hordes of crazies who took on the epic task of getting that title.

  2. Garn darnit. I haven’t played Guild wars seriously for about two years. Do I need to log in now and grind some stuff in Guild Wars 1 just to ensure I am not gimped in GW2?

    1. much of it won’t “gimp” you if you dont have it. Its new skins for things (Ranger, mini pets) some armor skins, etc. The armor and weapons will most likely have stats, but I doubt they will provide you an overpowered amount for the level. They might even have no stats and will be unlockable skins you can apply to a weapon you already have.

      that said, The Racoon mini-pet looks sweet. Not having that non-combat pet may very well gimp you. ;)

    2. Just go to the Calculator at http://hom.guildwars2.com/#page=welcome and enter one of your character names. It is as easy as that to determine what you have or don’t have.

      And as said by others, it’s all nice to have but not needed items. I doubt if the Black Moa will do more damage than the normal Moa. The Heritage armor (the first rewards)is very nice, but the stats will probably be equivalent to other armor at your level.

  3. And of course the rare material trader is sold out of sapphires and rubies. Makes me wonder if I should sell the 25 that I’ve been sitting on (to make vabbian armor) now, and wait for the market to drop later.

  4. Much as I suspected, I have no fucking clue what this means. Well ok, that my character gets some boots I do understand. But the calculator result of “3”, not so much. That’s not anything like “42”.

  5. Yeah I agree the system is a good one. I play for the fun of it, but I can’t imagine how some people grind endlessly to get huge flashy titles. I would get much too bored XD. Currently at 25/50, once I get to 30 (and have all items, like the article said) I’ll be content.

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