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City of Heroes: Going Rogue seems to be more of the same. The “same” is still as good as it ever was, but as a multi-year veteran, I have about gotten my fill. The familiar people are not in my familiar haunts, so it feels empty to me even if the servers seem more full than I was used to (welcome back weekend).

The new content is a new level 1-20 area, which is good considering how much altoholism there is in CoX. It also unified CoX by allowing heroic or villainous characters of all archetypes, from the beginning in Praetoria and with switching sides for existing characters. A unified Praetoria start is probably a good thing for an older game, because heroes and villains are not divided into separate areas, although now there are three possible divisions. There are two transitional “alignments” between hero and villain, and I don’t see the benefit of being a pure hero/villain versus a vigilante/rogue (alignment vendors somewhere? There is a vigilante mission called “Beat down Westin Phipps,” which any CoV player should appreciate). Going Rogue also brought a variety of quality of life enhancements for what is already the most convenient game around.

Issue 19 looks really promising. That really will be something new, plus more of the same and more convenience. CoX is getting an endgame, with alternate advancement and 50-only content. Six years later, they decided that was a good thing. The big change across the levels will be making the Fitness pool all inherent powers at level 2, which effectively adds several powers to almost every build out there. The big graphic change is letting you customize some power animations, in addition to the existing power color customization.

: Zubon

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  1. The addition of Fitness powers for free at level 2 is huge. That alone makes me want to check the game out again.

    1. I may have been able to check the game out again this weekend. That is, if I didn’t get the email notifying me about the Oct 7-10 free weekend on Oct 9.

  2. Yes, there are alignment vendors for heroes/villains – Fort Trident for heroes (access through Atlas park) and The Crucible for villains (access through Cap au Diable).

    After the first morality mission as a hero/villain one gains specific villain/hero alignment merits (VAM/HAM) which can be used at these vendors. Different currency than the regular reward merits.

    Rogues and vigilantes can travel in all zones, but they are still considered villains/heroes by some parts of the game, so they can still not get missions from regular contacts on the side they are transitioning towards.

    I don’t know about the US side, but on Euro side the servers are not really more full because of the reactivation weekend – they have been like that since Going Rogue was released.

  3. The level 50 changes and “alternate advancement” are of the least interest to me (6 years, only 4 level 50’s) but I can see the need for some markets. As with many things with CoH, this appears to be going “endgame lite” — this is a good thing, much like the game is “loot lite” and “market lite” where each aspect offers some game improvement without taking the “extreme” measures of various other MMO’s in that respect. It lets you dabble in it or even ignore it without significant penalty, but gives viable incremental rewards to those that seek mastery within it.

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