Kind of Not a Big Deal (Guild Wars)

This last weekend, the Guild Wars servers had to be hopping with the Friday bomb of the Hall of Monuments information. People were filling holes in on their point sheet, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the miniature pet market so lively (and expensive). Overall, the community has reacted pretty positively to the reward scheme. I have also opened my Help-An-Old-Blogger-Out Armbrace Donation Drive if anybody is interested.  One armbrace is all it takes to feed a Ravious until Guild Wars 2.

Before I get in to the meat of this post, I did want to comment on how, if any, speculations for a Guild Wars 2 release date have clarified. Before the Guild Wars 2 FAQ changed, the old FAQ said that Hall of Monuments information would “when we’re closer to the launch of [Guild Wars 2].” Now, in a recent interview ArenaNet said “I think we felt the sooner we could get that information to the players, the better, so that they could know what to expect, and understand, and have a lot of time to play Guild Wars 1 before Guild Wars 2 comes out, to check all that stuff out, to try and fill up their Hall of Monuments.” Interesting to try and puzzle that one out, but it is irrelevant with regard to the Hall of Monuments rewards, as players can gain new Guild Wars Hall of Monument tiers well after Guild Wars 2 launches.

There are 56 rewards on the Hall of Monuments calculator with one extraneous reward. This last reward corresponds to one of the hardest achievements in Guild Wars, the “God Walking Among Mere Mortals” title (GWAMM). GWAMM is a meta-achievement where players must max out 30 other titles to gain this prestigious title. It requires a lot of dedication, a lot of tricks, and a lot of grind. The reward for achieving GWAMM with regard to Guild Wars 2 is that players in Guild Wars 2 will retain that title. That’s it. No uber-sword. No glowy hands. Just an easily ignored title.

For this achievement’s achievement, ArenaNet has limited the effect of GWAMM to the accomplishment itself. In other words, just gaining the title was reward enough. So for example, GWAMM helps with Hall of Monument rewards because so many titles are already completed, but there are plenty of players with GWAMM that did not automatically have 50 Hall of Monument points. The opposite is also true in that there are players with a complete Hall of Monuments that have not achieved GWAMM.

To those that have completed the accomplishment, I can totally see how they might feel a little slap to their face. But, isn’t it enough for them to basically beaten Guild Wars? I think an additional reward, like a special skin in Guild Wars 2, would just be superfluous pandering. I guess I am more in the school of thought that completing the most difficult achievements should be a reward in themselves.

It is really hard to make everybody happy. Players want achievements as goals with tangible rewards. Players just want achievements to be play style guideposts in themselves. Players want achievements as renown for all the community to see. I am pretty happy with how ArenaNet has balanced all these sometimes competing interests for their Hall of Monuments jewel.

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  1. I went from 12 to 21 this weekend, it was hard not to get caught up in the excitement, had a few of those things already on the go, but spent alot of time in Kamadan on the american districts selling stuff that I was sure I would not need for my goals (rank 25, 30 maybe). Had a big dilemma about whether to sell an oppressor weapon or put it in my HOM, kept it in the end. The biggest tranche of points and biggest spend for me will be to fill out my miniature stand, which as a new player was completely empty, but that can wait because of the current prices.

  2. I think PvP should have been given an extra tab. Many people specialized in PvP, after all. (Yeah, and that says me as PvE-centric player).

    What I really like is that you do not have to be GWAMM on one char but that many other things you did also get credited for “Champion of the Gods” (50/50). Like defeating Mallyx, the Deep, Urgoz, FoW, UW, etc.

    I only need one more Oppressor Weapon and an Obsidian Armor Set, then I am set. :)

    I was quite convinced I and everyone else would cry havoc when the HoM news would be released. Quite the opposite. I was positively surprised. They struck a fair balance. Most rewards are possible for people that played GW somewhat. Even those who just linked their account should get 6/50 and a GW “Heritage” Armor Set. I still think the “GWAMMs” should get an extra emote, but otherwise I am quite fine and hope to get the “Champion” title.

    Interesting: People actually believed the HoM would “close” the day of GW2 release, it was stated in various interviews during EOTN times. This was quite unexpected.

    1. As I recall it, they said that the HoM benefits would have a shutoff date, but they gave no timeframe for it. No one ever said that you wouldn’t be able to add things after release date.

      I’m 4.9 titles away from GWAMM and don’t feel slighted by no extra reward in GW2. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a title or something else, most of the people in GW2 won’t know what it means. But I will enjoy wearing it in GW1.

      1. This is from the HoM FAQ:

        Q: Will I be able to continue earning Hall of Monuments rewards in Guild Wars after Guild Wars 2 is released?

        A: Yes

  3. The only reward for getting GWAMM is the title, so logically that’s enough of a reward in Guild Wars 2. It’s pure prestige, and those who have made the effort should be happy it is being carried over.

    Any extra loot awarded for it (and it would have to be pretty awesome swag) becomes part of the ‘required grind’ for a maxed HoM. I imagine that would be a deeply unpopular move, and very much against their ethos.

    I think they’ve struck an almost perfect balance with the current system. Getting to 30, which nets you all of the item rewards, can be done with a combination of approaches to suit your style. Personally, I’ve gone from 9 to 27 since the news was released, with relatively little time investment.

    I do agree with longasc about PvP titles, though. Particularly, the champion title track represents such significant effort, which I feel goes entirely unrecognized.

    GvG is, for better or worse, a significant part of the core of Guild Wars, yet it receives no more recognition than ridiculously trivial titles like collecting minipets or chugging firewater. Sure, you get three points for your first PvP statue, but anyone who’s been involved in PvP for long enough to have a reasonable champ rank is almost certainly going to have gladiator AND hero titles.

    Three points is a hell of a small bone to throw to dedicated PvP players. It’s all part of the same game.

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