Vindictus officially launches October 27!  I am pretty excited. I put in one good long weekend for Vindictus Open Beta, and uninstalled it thereafter. It was fun, but I did not want to test it. I also didn’t want to put in my valuable time only to have it wiped away before launch with a server reset. I’ll be honest. I went in for a sneak preview.

First off, I have beta tested and am beta testing MMOs. I have no problem giving constructive feedback in return for the privilege of playing the game early.  For me that is solid consideration enough. Yet, in the case of Vindictus the means of feedback were horrific. That I found, there was one forum with one feedback area that was chock full of horse dung and contained everything from guild recruitment to an IRL photo thread to complaints about logging issues. This is not beta testing. Yet, I was under no illusion of a true beta test to begin with as I received one of thousands of keys from Massively. Each one allowed the player in to the test. There was no selection process or anything.

Secondly, even though the game was really fun there was not going to be any persistence to my actions. There is a big reason that I just cannot play single-player games anymore. I want desperately to finish Mass Effect, a really fun game, but I feel whatever small time I spend on my real-life friend’s Minecraft server is magnitudes more meaningful than going through some personal single-player game. The third strike, as always, is time. With all the other games that are finished or value my “beta” opinion, it just was not worth my while to take the full cook’s tour.

Thankfully, I felt Vindictus was a good game. I walked away a potential customer instead of fleeing from another WoW clone or poorly designed game. I had enough of a bite to realize that I would eagerly anticipate it’s launch, and I headed for more persistent pastures. Heck, I don’t even understand why it just didn’t soft launch out of the gates. Anyway, it was a sneak preview, but all “beta” tests are not sneak previews. It’s up to the developer to make it that way or find people willing to test and provide feedback to get a real “beta” test. See you on the gnoll killing fields (i.e., ruins) in a few weeks.

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10 thoughts on “Vindicated”

  1. I tried to beta test it but fell victim, like many others, to the fact that the “you must live in the United States, Canada, and Oceania” message on the signup page actually meant “you must live in the United States or Canada; if you live in Oceania, get lost!”

    What’s your take on the “is it an MMO, or is it a multiplayer lobby game?” question?

    1. It’s akin to Guild Wars. So while I disagree that GW or Vindictus is not necessarily an MMO, it is definitely a multiplayer persistent lobby game.

  2. I thought that if you got to level 10 during beta your character persisted (or some similar situation). It was fun, but not what I’m looking for.

  3. FYI, there will be no wipe from Open Beta to Release. This includes the carry-over from Early Access Open Beta.

    This is pretty much standard operating procedure for Asian F2P MMO’s.

  4. Glad to hear they aren’t wiping – I downloaded the ‘open beta’ and have played a few days. I was surprised to see they are already selling items in their item shop in OB – having persistent characters supports that.

    It is a fun spin of MMO meets TF2, well polished, and a fun grind with some challenge elements.

  5. I also put in “one good long weekend” for this game (even took Friday off). It’s like playing Monster Hunter Tri all over again, but with more plot and lag issues.

    Giving feedback on bugs is pretty horrid. I actually included a somewhat decent report (yay for my CS background), but I don’t think anyone from Nexon actually read it. Their forum software also ate my original post, so I had to re-upload the pics to imageshack because I didn’t keep the links around :/

    There is some persistence in the sense that you make progress through the story, but there’s still the issue of seeing the same cutscenes over and over again, since you’ll probably have to grind the same mission to get enough Battle Points to unlock later ones.

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