Of Cabbages and Kings

Things have been a little up in the air right now. I still have a little time to game after the event, but right now I am finding I have less time to blog. Or rather, time is not the issue so much as the sheer force of will required to transcribe thoughts in to coherent blog posts. Anyway, right now I am actively playing Vindictus, Guild Wars, and Minecraft.

Vindictus, I’m finding, has supplanted Dungeons and Dragons Online action-y, quick bite of an MMO in my stable. Not only does it have that fresh feeling, but each dungeon takes 15 minutes or so. It is a little grindy, but it seems that some forward movement can be accomplished somewhere in any small play session. I have been mostly playing alone due to the horrendous lag I get whenever I try and join a pick-up group. Occasionally, I’ll work up the gall to start a party myself, and with my connection it works a little better. I am hoping some Vindictus blog posts make it through the will barrier in the coming months.

Guild Wars is actually slowing down. I am beginning to get that warm feeling of perfect satiation. My Hall of Monuments sits at 36 points, with a hard day’s work to get to 40, where I suppose I will stay. Flameseeker, they will call me. Still, there is plenty of “play” left in the game. The Guild Wars Live Team seems to have a full plate of updates ready to be served. The next course is Halloween with my always loved Costume Brawl and more Mad King goodness. I am really excited to see both the old and the new for my favorite Guild Wars festival.

Finally Minecraft. Many MMO gamers and bloggers have stared in to that abyss. I’ve been kind of taking a break, though, in anticipation for their Halloween update. In the meantime I will have to argue with my so-called real-life friends over whether we should reset our world and use monsters (if damage is fixed for multiplayer). Might be a dark Halloween.

it would be grand

3 thoughts on “Of Cabbages and Kings”

  1. I’ve definitely been bitten by minecraft, and its sucking away from blogging, guild wars, and i even put off going to buy new vegas today to stay home and punch rocks.

  2. As long as the host has full bars in Vindictus, there shouldn’t be too much lag. All bets are off if the host is also lagging.

    Someone mentioned disabling Nagle’s Algorithm to improve latency. I remember doing this for Mabinogi, so I get the feeling that the folks at devCAT aren’t aware of this tweak.

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