Halloween Will End Guild Wars

Mad King Thorn (as voiced by ArenaNet’s John Stumme), while discussing the various torture implements of his time, revealed that Guild Wars will definitely, concordantly, and absolutely end this Halloween.

In discussing the MMO’s early demise – which ends one of pioneers of the subscriptionless model that require players to purchase the game, but not pay a monthly fee afterward – Mad King Thorn told me that he believes that ArenaNet is getting soft, because they’re still supporting Guild Wars with new free content.  He continues, “The thing I would say [to NCSoft shareholders and Don Cheadle] is that we are continually trying to keep Guild Wars live and fresh with all sorts of fun festival content.  We also want to give players the option to buy a couple cool appearance items [which likely give you double hit points].  We [don’t want to] have to earn your money.”

I asked the Mad King point blank if they would be killing Guild Wars off this Halloween. The Mad King confirmed to us that they’re definitely open to the idea–and more. “Yeah, we’re going to look at what the demand is. Look at what players want more of and we’re going have to do that stuff because that’s the stuff that players are going to be willing to play and that’s the stuff that’s….” Then the Mad King Thorn just started laughing wildly letting me know that the game’s demise was imminent.

ArenaNet has already revealed that they’ll be killing off Guild Wars 2 prematurely with Transmutation Stones, one-time consumable items used to customize your gear, in their cash shop. And although they won’t confirm if Guild Wars 2 is dead on arrival, the ancient Mad King’s responses certainly makes it sound like it will be–since BioWare’s Star Wars is coming.

But for now, ArenaNet has only confirmed that they’re planning to turn off Guild Wars this Halloween and the transmutation stones. What do you think? Would you mind [selling your soul to the Mad King in return for a full Hall of Monuments], or would you rather they just shut this crap down?

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9 thoughts on “Halloween Will End Guild Wars”

  1. I have to admit… I’m really looking forwards to Halloween this year. Rumor has it that the Mad King has come up with a few new jokes!

  2. Epic posting. Just epic.

    By the way, PC Gamer once again showed they’re newbies, and KTR once again showed they should get the exclusive interviews.

  3. I’ve been slain :(

    Nicely done, perfectly depicted what’s going on right now.

  4. I’m confused :( good thing I don’t really have anything invested in Guild Wars I suppose. But then if I did maybe I wouldn’t be so confused?

  5. Well, I read the link and I’m baffled too. I’ll admit I didn’t read all 26 pages but it seemed pretty predictable. Are you sure you put in the right link? Is there some Halloween reference partway through or something?

    1. It’s a parody of the PC Gamer article in question using Halloween as a vehicle since GW Halloween is now just upon us. Sorry for the confusion. It was a la minute and relevant likely as long. ;)

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