The First Vindictus Boss

The battles in Vindictus are quests or missions of MMO norm except they define the instance with parameters specific to that battle. The program then creates a map from a defined set of map pieces, populates the map with enemies specific to the battle, and sends the party forward to conquest. There are some strictly defined parameters to each battle, and the boss for each battle is probably the one that characterizes the whole battle. (This is especially true for people needing specific items only available from specific battle bosses.)

While there are bosses for each battle, the first battle with something that feels like a powerful, armor-breaking boss is in the Decisive Battle.  Decisive Battle leads in like the many prior battles, but when players get to the end it is clear that the giant red gnoll holding a two-handed mace weighing as much as a truck who has is back turned and is ignoring the heroes is a boss. This is the Gnoll Chieftain.

Unlike all the prior bosses where it was easy enough to just pull of heavy combos, kind of dodging attacks, and having fun with pottery and granite shards, the Gnoll Chieftain isn’t going to allow any of that. His human-sized hammer can easily knock off half a player’s life. Eating hammer will also usually send the player sprawling to a multi-second knockdown.  And of course, the tank can’t block his attacks without advanced skills.

The first time I did it I randomly grouped with one other person playing Fiona, the tank character. We were about to leave with three players, but the third wheel got mad because we wouldn’t vow to beat the battle within 13 minutes. About halfway through the boss fight I firmly realized that we would have never succeeded with a time limit.

The Fiona player wasn’t that good, but it was because we were both learning. I think my teammate was used to throwing up the shield when a boss attacked. This time he was sent sprawling. After being smacked in the face by the hammer, I became much more conservative in my attacks. Usually I would wait for an attack, rush in, pull off a 2-3 hit combo, and then rush back out just netting a few inches between my face and the Gnoll Chieftain’s steel-toed kick. It took a long time, a lot of granite slabs, all my spears, and a lot of broken equipment to finally bring that bad boy down. But, we did. It was a triumph.

My favorite part was how without any verbal communication the other player and I just fell in to a rhythm. We both had seen what was working, and we were adapting on the fly. When we got back to port, our special moment was gone. We both knew it. I am pretty sure I will have others, and I can’t wait to have some more complex battles in Vindictus.


9 thoughts on “The First Vindictus Boss”

  1. It’s a fun fight. I found having a group member with the chain is the easiest way. You can pull him to the ground and it’s enough to get a 4 or 5 move combo done.

    I also found that using the environment is also handy. If you throw a boulder at his head it stuns him. There are a lot of opportunities to stop him from attacking and get some good counter shots in.

    As you mention, once the Fiona gets the advanced shield technique you can block the big attacks. It still takes of a portion of your health (depending on the level of the skill, mines at 80% damage reduction) but at least you aren’t knocked down.

  2. This boss literally stomped me silly. Before him, I was cruising along soloing all the content and thinking this was way too easy. Then I painfully hit this brick wall in red fur form. So I said maybe it’s time to find a group and opened up a whole new way to play which was more dynamic than anything I had experienced until then.

    You get a guaranteed drop if you knock the boss’ hat off which is actually part of the Rage armor set. Using spears or handy bits of rubble will do the trick.

  3. Oh, and you can ‘cheat’ this boss solo if you are level 10 or less, since you get unlimited self resurrections. Maybe cheap is a better word.

    1. I totally abused those self-resurrections in my first Decisive Battle :)

      Heavy Stander should only be used if you’re caught off-guard. The Chieftain telegraphs his moves pretty clearly, so run a short distance when you see him wind up, then double back and start performing your Amaranth Kick combo so the kick lands on him.

      Ravious, which server are you on? If you’re on East Coast, feel free to give me a poke. (Kautilya)

  4. The boss fights in the game are quite fun. The problem for me is that there is too much utterly pointless grinding in between. If the non-bosses could at least hurt you it might not be so bad, but they can’t. Trash is always more or less boring but this is going too far.

    One of my favorite battles is the last one of the second part (not the bear). You get to just fight all the bosses that came before one after another (or together, if you’re slow), with almost no grind to get to them. The bear itself is not bad too, with almost no grind. The problem there is that as far as I can tell there is no safe pattern to attack it without stunning it with spears/objects first.

    1. There are guides for taking on the Tyrant in solo mode. It’s just a lot slower, since you can’t spear spam :)

      I still need to do it with Fiona. I can get a kick in when he does his long-range 2x sweep, but I still need to practice against his other attacks.

      And then there’s the YouTube video with Evie against the Red Tyrant. Crazy stuff.

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