Stop Agreeing With Me

The setting is usually a multi-player game with no subscription costs. Someone will log on and start chatting. Their immediate topic is how awful the game is and/or how it has gone downhill; games with built-in team-based voice chat are popular for this filibuster.

“You’re right. The game is awful. You should quit.” I just keep repeating it. Yes, since they put in that new item, awful, you should quit. Oh, and that cash shop, I know, awful, you should quit. That too, yes, awful, you should quit. I don’t think it works, but I have had someone switch teams on my TF2 server in less than 10 repetitions.

: Zubon

I rarely do that in games with paid subscriptions, since I do not want to deny the developers income if I think the game is worth paying for myself.

5 thoughts on “Stop Agreeing With Me”

  1. Ach, I feel exactly that way about TF2 since they put all that cruft in. And indeed, I don’t play it nearly as much as I used to – and never once did I bitch about it in chat. That’s just buffoonish.

  2. In-game is one thing, but on forums this is far more damaging. Every game has a part of the ‘fan’ base that just hates the game, thinks every change made is terrible, and are 100% convinced that if the devs just made this one super easy, super obvious change, the game would finally be ‘on the right track’. Not only is it a terrible first impression for anyone scouting the game on the forums (which itself is silly, but yea), but even when the devs DO make that one easy change, the same group just jumps to the next ‘obvious’ issue.

  3. I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but in the U.K. we just like to moan. It’s considered entertainment. Moaning about things you do from choice, at your own expense, in your own time is the norm.

    The time to worry would be when people aren’t moaning, because that almost certainly means they have genuinely lost interest and pretty soon you won’t be seeing them again. Which isn’t great news if you’re running a business and they’re your customers.

    That said, listening to people doing it is infuriating and especially so in MMO channels. I used to argue with people over it but now i just put them on ignore or switch the channel off.

  4. We Germans also love to criticise. I think that is one thing we are kind of known for in the world: usually having a more or less comfortable life but raging about every single aspect of it.

    I sometimes made up my mind why many people thoroughly love to criticise things, and part of the explanation might be a social dimension of criticism itself. He who criticises something puts himself into a higher position, showing he has understood things *way* better than those people who are responsible for all the chaos in the world. Which he usually has not, but that is irrelevant as long as noone in his social environment can reject the criticism in a convincing way.

    This behaviour, in my humble opinion, is maybe best observed in forums, for example forums on MMOs. Again and again I see how a few people struggle violently about a more or less irrelevant topic, proving themselves to be the greatest critics ever of capitalism, subscriptions, cash shops, MMOs and everything in general. It seems to me that some people define themselves as a social person via forums, which is a little contradictory given that usually noone in the forum will know them personally.

    I hope that at least part of my primitive theorising sounds convincing to your critical minds.


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