Can I Play GW2?

I love the internet. You know, in that God’s Debris transhumanistic sort of way. It can be used for righteous fury, like destroying a magazine filled with hubris, or it can be used to share talent and fun, like Actionjack at Guild Wars 2 Guru has with a comic series. Actionjack is working on a set of comics called “Can I Play GW2?” They are really funny, and the humor style reminds me of Warbot in Accounting. Check out Actionjack’s thread for many more comics.


9 thoughts on “Can I Play GW2?”

  1. What’s so tough about that decision? Save the hospital, as it helps all sorts of people, has many employees, and many people with families. Orphans don’t have family, or at least none that want them, and often these children have a higher probability to grow up and become criminals or have serious social issues.

    But then again, I’m a logical, cold-hearted, bastard. :P

    And I am interested to see how Guild Wars 2 turns out.

    1. Nah, set up a water stand and sell the water to any hapless survivors or frustrated would-be rescuers.

      Then search the debris later.

      1. That wouldn’t work. You’d be preserving your competitors in looting the burned-out buildings. Besides, the demand for water among the survivors would far outstrip levels you could supply with your measly one bucket of water. All of that notwithstanding, exactly what that is valuable can be found in the charred remains of an orphanage? If you really want to pilfer the place, you need to put out the fire at least. And water is free in America, it’s the location that counts. Lol, too in-depth…

  2. Save the orphanage! Guild Wars has a thing for orphans and continuity further down the road… see Gwen.

    If you save the hospital, you’ll just get a bunch of sick people on your hands and some thankful doctors who will maybe offer you free medical checks and healing. But then, who’s planning to get that hurt in GW2? Everyone’s carrying a pocket heal, so it’s either good or dead/downed.

    On the other hand, going for the orphanage… All the little kiddies will grow up to look upon me as a savior, and I will have my personal henchman army for world domination in Guild Wars 3! Bwa ha ha ha!

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