Improving TF2 Servers

Many Team Fortress 2 servers run hlxstats, and you do not win/lose normal points for kills until you have 20/50/whatever kills. This is a good practice. It would be even better if players could not be Snipers until that point. Beyond grumbling about newbs and one-shots, I see two factors in favor of this new policy. First, many new players seem to like to hide in the back, and teams self-destruct with 6 Snipers or, on servers where class numbers are wisely capped, the potentially useful Sniper slots are filled by the worst players. Second, no one aim-bots a Heavy. When someone new appears on the server and gets five headshots with no other kills, I am immediately suspicious. I see cheaters as more likely to find another server than wait 50 kills before getting their advantage back.

I am wondering how the new Sniper suit has affected the latter. The set bonus takes away your headshots but lets you survive any headshot. Newb snipers kill aim-botters in traded shots, while the new suit is useless for aim-botters. When I get repeatedly, uselessly head-shot as a Sniper, I wonder if the opposing Sniper is really good but has not adjusted to the new items, or if Valve added something specifically to watch aim-botters lose.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Improving TF2 Servers”

  1. I’ve seen only two really obvious aimbotters, and maybe 10 or so that looks really suspicious, in the entire time I’ve played. Does it happen that often in the US?

    That sniper set does really annoy me, though. i’m a fairly pro sniper; It’s irritating not being rewarded for pulling off a skilled headshot.

  2. Dipshits SO TOTALLY DO aimbot as heavies. ;-P So annoying. Especially since the Heavy is apparently the 2nd best sniper in the game (except as me) >:\

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