What Exactly is a Makkaio Anyway?

Would you believe the internet moniker I’ve been using for the last 15 years came off a coffee mug?  I was in a gift shop in Honolulu, Hawaii, looking at a rack of mugs that had English names on one side and the Hawaiian translation on the other.  Matthew translates into Makaio.  Some dude was already using that name on AOL…so I very creatively added the second ‘K’ and BAM!

First…I want to thank Ethic and the rest of the writers here at KTR for allowing me an outlet for writing about games.  My personal blog had become an unfocused mish mash.  I’ve wanted to separate writing about my experiences in MMOs from all the other stuff.  I thought about creating a new site or re-organizing my blog by interest.  I’ve even thought about approaching KTR the past couple months to see if they would accept another writer.

Then Ethic tweeted an open invitation yesterday and I jumped at the chance.  So again…thank you.

You’ve heard my story a hundred times from other MMO players my age.  Started with pen and paper.  Moved on to MUDs.  Played Simutronics games – Gemstone, DragonRealms, CyberStrike – when they were partnered with AOL.  Ultima Online.  EverQuest.  And it snowballed from there into an obsession to play nearly every mainstream MMO there is, and a ton of others.

But I also love game design and it’s been a hobby of mine for nearly as many years as being a player.  So I tend to be able to see things from both player and developer perspectives.  Again, studying design has been a hobby.  I don’t pretend to be an authority on game development.  But I am working on a PHP/MySQL browser-based game that will be designed to become an MMO.  Just for fun.

Back in the day, when I weighed a lot less, was into martial arts, played other sports, and could move fast…I liked to play scout, rogue, thief types of characters.  I especially liked playing rangers.  Now that I’m bigger (meaning fatter) and stronger (meaning able to still move my weight around), I like playing tanks and melee DPS types of characters.  I just identify much differently now.

Outside of gaming, a buddy of mine just hooked me on racquetball.  I mountain bike and like to parkour, but without all that jumping, tumbling and flipping stuff.  Pretty much just hiking for those of you who didn’t catch on too quick there.  Oh yeah, and I’m a smart arse.

For the day job, I work for the mayor of a small Western New York city doing public relations and building and maintaining the city’s website.  I also do PHP/MySQL programming on the side.

Now that the formalities are out of the way…I can’t wait to start participating around here and talk about games!

14 thoughts on “What Exactly is a Makkaio Anyway?”

  1. Big Welcome! You can have the corner office. No, not that corner, the other corner. No, the one just opposite of that one. Yeah that is the one! Enjoy!

  2. Neat! I’m working on a very similar project, re: web-MMO.

    I have to recommend checking out MongoDB – I’ve been experimenting with it this last week and it’s made a WORLD of difference in how I store quests, requirements, etc. If you have to store any sort of complex objects at all, it’s way easier to fit them in MongoDB than some crazy inherited-table structure in MySQL.

    I find a combination of them both works really well – MySQL for simple objects, MongoDB for complex ones.

    Any chance you’ll be able to keep us up-to-date on your progress? I’m sure that there will definitely be some of us interested in how it goes.

    1. Thanks for the advice on MongoDB, Dan. I will definitely take a look at that. And sure, I can do some progress reports from time to time.

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