Upcoming Changes: Lord of the Rings Online

The first part of that barter wallet I have been wanting is coming next week. They are starting with skirmish marks. It also includes a fix for one of my weekend complaints, the re-spawning final boss. If you did not buy the Lone-lands quest pack, congratulations: it will be free, which I think covers all the revamped low-level content.

This is a broad quality of life update. Our friend Eric Heimburg should be thrilled at how they let their systems designers loose. Revamps include two classes, farming, the crafting window, the vault window, a new quest sub-type, and more reputation gain opportunities.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Changes: Lord of the Rings Online”

  1. One thing that particularly strikes me is how much they are increasing the content available to free players: Lone lands, full epic quest line including Moria and Mirkwood access. Most telling of all is a new way of advancing by grinding tasks for those who don’t buy quest packs. I guess that Turbine wants to make sure that free players don’t leave when they run out of content. If they keep playing they may still be tempted to open their wallets later.

  2. Now on the flipside of my fanboi coin… ;-} I have to admit this isn’t a very sexy update at all (unless you’re a Lore-master!). Folks are itching for new content since the F2P launch and that’s not coming till “early 2011”. So it’s hard to get excited about all the very good improvements coming in this one.

    Yule festival is getting pimped out in its own instance tho, heh.

  3. Swift travel available for past subscribers (on characters created or used during the subscription period.) *swoons in ecstasy*

  4. Lone-Lands free?! Dang it. Ah well… I got it for a song, anyway. I’m now only three zones from owning every quest pack and still paying less than $15/month for it! Muahahahahaha!

    Seriously, I love the new model, and this update shows they are putting the community’s wants and their new-found income to good use. Well done, Turbine.

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