Two Hypotheses About LotRO DPS

Every LotRO player has his favorite “Huntard” story, but I find far less of that then you hear about WoW DPS classes. Of course, you hear more of everything about WoW; that kind of thing happens with millions of players. I have two theories.

Hunters have no flashy effects. You can make your arrows look like tracer shots with light and fire oil, but you basically get arrows. Fwip fwip fwip. No fireballs, no glowing rays, no bear pets. Even if you two-shot some huge target, the default option is for you not to see your teammates’ damage. It is hard to have the braggadocio when you cannot show off.

LotRO group composition differs. The standard WoW group is 60% DPS. Grab three random people and you have a good chance of getting at least one idiot. If a LotRO group has more than one DPS, odds are that most are also providing support, debuffs, tanking, etc., and even Hunters toss in crowd control. (Parenthetical: a healer with five Hunters/Champions is an awesome group.) The center of the show is in the melee scrum; the Hunter is a half-off-camera damage source.

Except for those times when you have idiots who always pull aggro or over-pull. If anyone notices that there is a Hunter in the group, you probably have a bad Hunter.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Two Hypotheses About LotRO DPS”

  1. I think it’s the lack of a pet more than anything else.

    WoW hunters are notorious for poor pet management in fights. Pets tanking things they can’t actually tank, pets running off to engage mobs early, etc. Pets set to aggressive instead of passive.

    I would say that the WoW solo-hunter style of play is slightly at odds with the way hunters are supposed to play in groups, and that is what causes a lot of the problems.

    The LotRO hunter is much closer to the WoW mage, imo.

  2. everyone notices if the Hunter is still in strength stance ><. i know close enough to nothing about WoW that i can't comment on your comparison, but in LOTRO, you notice the Hunter if he or she keeps pulling aggro – either by over-aggroing the tank's target, by injudicious use of ranged AOE skills that end up pulling more mobs, or by not using their aggro-management skills (eg, Beneath Notice).

    that happens, especially when the Hunter is in strength stance and traited deep in the red line; but usually aggro is pulled by the champs with their mad AoE skills – thus it's champs who have the worse reputation :) .

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