MMO Overload in 2011

With the announcement that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released sometime after April 2011…I’m thinking, “Ut oh.  Here we go again!”  Instead of a somewhat steady stream of major titles being released the last couple years, it looks like they’ll all be released within months of each other in 2011.  You might have your favorites and be able to pick one.  But for me, it’s going to be overwhelming and expensive.  And I’m looking forward to it…

I’ve been a huge fan of Star Wars since I could say, “Stah Waws!”  My favorite character still to this day is Boba Fett.  I remember eating more Cheerios than I could handle when I was six years old so I could mail in box tops to get the limited edition, mail-order-only Boba Fett action figure.

I was ecstatic when I found out I could roam around the Star Wars Universe with the advent of SWG.  Sure, I was let down when the NGE hit, but it was never really about the game to me.  It was about the virtual world.  It was about the player associations I had built.

But I’m older and a lot less naive about MMOs now…so I’m a bit cautious as to what BioWare will be serving up in TOR.  I’m expecting a few bells and whistles with combat, but what I’m really looking forward to are the crew skills.  Another game coming out with similar systems is The Agency.  Basically, you’ll be able to send crew members off to do different types of missions while you do your own thing.  Supposedly it will feel like your birthday every time your crew members come back with surprises or craft an item for you.  I hope it’s an integral part of game play and not just a distraction.

Another game I’m anticipating to launch in the first half of 2011 is Rift: Planes of Telara.  The first beta event for the game is this weekend and all I can say with a wink, wink and nudge, nudge is, “Woooooo!”  I’m really interested to see what the Trion devs have done with the dynamic events, or Rifts.  These are the backbone of the game.  As I’ve said, I believe dynamic content, when done right, can add a lot to an MMO environment.  But all we have at this point is some in-game footage and dev chatter barely scratching the surface of these systems.  I need some hands on!

And yet a third game I’m looking forward to is not an MMO but a single-player game that is a prequel to an MMO…I hope.  Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is scheduled for release in Fall 2011.  We don’t know much about the game play at this point, but I’m not really worried about that.  I just want to see what R.A. Salvatore, Todd McFarlane and Ken Rolston can put together with the dev team over Big Huge Games.  This will be our first glimpse at a living Amalur, the world in which 38 Studios’ MMO Codename Copernicus will be set.

All of this and I’m not even mentioning games like DC Universe Online, Forsaken World, EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious expansion, Jumpgate: Evolution, Final Fantasy XIV, PlanetSide 2, Guild Wars 2, and tons more.  It’s going to be a very, very busy 2011.

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  1. “With the announcement that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released in April 2011”

    .. No one said Old Republic will be released then :-()
    They said april is the earliest possible date it could technically be released. They said they’d released the game during EA’s next fiscal year, which starts in april.

  2. I’m gonna be a sourpuss here and say I really have zero desire to check SW:TOR. GW2, yeah that I’m looking forward to, but by enthusiasm for SW has been steadily decreasing.

  3. I didn’t know PlanetSide 2 was coming our and Jumpgate is still alive? I need to look beyond WoW and TOR to see what else is on the horizon

  4. The crew members in ToR are the first info in a long time that actually made the game sound interesting. Everything else about it just seems like the same old garbage.

  5. I would welcome the opportunity for Rift to begin to approach my hype level for Guild Wars 2 (and DCUO, which was a surprise contender for me if ever there were one), if only because there’s a greater chance of my getting to play Rift than GW2 this year. Right now it’s in the “what you’re telling me isn’t that interesting, but the game is gorgeous and maybe the gameplay will win me over” camp.

    This is unlike SW:TOR, which is draining my enthusiasm with nearly every update; aesthetics, crafting, combat, trinity, and the bathwater too.

    Not mentioned was The Secret World, which may not make it out in 2011 given how tight-lipped Funcom is being, but which actually looks like it’s breaking most typical MMO moulds. I doubt it’ll be my “thing”, but I am keeping an eye on it to watch the fallout/revolution.

    1. The Secret World is looking more like a 2012 game due to cuts in staff and the pure lack of information lately. I could and hope I’m wrong, though. I am definitely looking forward to it, as well.

  6. “Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released sometime after April 2011.”

    You know what comes after April 2011? 2012. 2015. 2050. The rest of our mortal lives actually!

    1. Yes…but BioWare is confirming on their message boards and elsewhere that Spring 2011 is their target for release. They also said it won’t happen until after their 2011 Fiscal Year starts, which is April 1st. So we can pretty much narrow it down.

  7. These are my interest levels of all the titles mentioned.
    1-3: Pass on it
    4-6: Might check it, but not invest in it, if reviews are favorable, I have the time, the money if required, the planets are aligned correctly, etc.
    7-10: Will most definitely give it a serious spin, or invest outright.

    SW:TOR : 4
    The Agency: 4
    Rift: 3
    Amalur: 5 (just out of pure, clinical curiosity to see that team’s take on YAFMMO)
    DCUO: 6. But if they can manage CoX without the built-in aggravation, then 7.
    Forsaken World: 2
    EQII: 1. Is it still alive?
    Jumpgate: 2
    FFXIV: 1. I like my life.
    Planetside 2: 4
    GW2: 8
    TSW (when and if it comes out): 6

  8. DCUO… I can’t say anything about DCUO right now.
    I’m really interested in the future of CoH.

    TOR: I shouldn’t say anything about it, but I didn’t sign anything. It’s perfect. It is to WoW what B:TAS was to Challenge of the Superfriends. It is still a classic MMO, but it is a Cadillac of MMOs. It is a long, slow, luxurious ride that does exactly what you want, sometimes slightly before you know you want to do it. And the power under the hood? ‘Sufficient’.

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