Rubbing It In

Sometimes you wonder if you should be doing something more productive with your time than playing MMOs. And then Turbine gives you a nickel for farming 150 worms in Forochel.

: Zubon

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  1. The pay is damn lousy, and you are right, it makes one question the value of one’s collected virtues. :)

  2. When people get too invested in grinding deeds specifically to earn TPs, I tell them ask mommy and daddy if they can do some chores and earn some extra pocket money. I think that counts as “rubbing it in,” too. :-)

    1. No Zubon you are calculating wrong. You forgot to add in the fact that you also earned a virtue which is worth about $5 in the Lotro store.

      Your hours of grinding earned you a whole $5.05. Unless you were foolish enough to be grinding during a virtue sale of course in which case you are a person of almost on value whatsoever!

      1. Actually, 450 worms earns the virtue (and $0.15). 150 worms earns a title you will never display.

        Grinding for virtues is one of the most annoying part of LOTRO. Grinding virtues in zones with ridiculously high totals and sparse mobs (I’m talking about you Forochel) is a punishment.

        Turbine dialed down the totals to 120/360 for newer zones so I assume the 150/450 in Forochel was too much for even players who want virtues for end game.

        I assume anyone trying to actually buy content with TP would just roll a stack of alts for the starter areas. Grinding TP in high level zones is only for achievers with a lot of spare time.

        1. What people seem to neglect in decrying the LotRO deed grind, is that there really is no reason at all to do it unless you WANT to. I “grinded” exactly one of my virtues on the way to capping them all out, the rest just came through normal play on the way to 65. I really didn’t need to grind that other one either, as 10 is really just minutely better than 9, but I felt like doing it. ;-}

          1. *cough* zeal *cough*

            The worms in Forochel are linked to one of the virtues which is both useful for melee classes and requires an explicit focus to max. You just don’t kill 100s of giants, trolls or kergrim without trying.

            You can produce a reasonable set of virtues without grinding. I wish they had continued adding more virtues in Enedwaithe. I do prefer grabbing virtues through exploration/questing so I agree the more virtues you can grab while leveling the better.

            I would enjoy it more if the designers allowed players to select from virtue options for deeds a la quests. It would make it much easier to optimize for end game without completing some of the ‘unfun’ slayer grinds.

            Maybe its an odd bit of psychology but I enjoy killing stacks of orcs or goblins but not animals. Its the same AI with a different skin so I really can’t explain it.

  3. Meh, anything that gets people to actually do the slayer deeds is a good thing in my opinion. If they wouldn’t do it just for virtues, but 5c will make them, then it helps their groups at endgame. Also more people wanting to do them means more opportunity to group. If you get a full fellowship to do the slayer deed with you then your cents/hour is going to skyrocket :-)

  4. Yeah, big difference is you did it before for the Title alone… now at least they throw a bone your way to recoup what you paid for the quest packs.

    I see it as… if I buy printer ink, use it, and then mail back the husk of the empty ink cartridge, they give me something back for the return, lowering the overall cost of the product. If it costs say 200 TP, and you get deeds (that you would’ve done anyway) that give you 100 TP, then you’ve recouped… but thats more like getting a store credit back for making the original purchase with money…

    Meh. Either way, its more than what we were getting before…

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