SWTOR: Wizard Renamed and New Crafting Class

There is always a present from BioWare sitting in my RSS feed on Fridays. I know…you get them, too. This week I thought I’d share the (/sarcasm) ground-breaking news in case you’ve missed it…

System Designer Patrick Malott blogged an entry Closer Look at Crew Skills.  He doesn’t really tell us anything new, except he does reveal the fourth of six crafting skills.  I won’t ruin his surprise, so take a look at his post.  I guess the one thing his blog entry does is solidify the path the developers have been taking when it comes to crafting.  They’ve plotted a course, for good or bad, and they’re sticking with it.  I personally am anticipating the crew skills systems the most in TOR.  So it is good to see they’re not still all over the place with their design.

My questions regarding the crew system, which Patrick says he will answer later, regard how crafting fits into the overall economy.  I also wonder how the crew systems impact grouping.  If I can have five NPC crew members with varying skills do all the work for me, why do I need to play the rest of the game?  Of course, I know some possible answers to these questions.  How the design is carried out will be interesting.

And just what is the official, player-picked name for the “Jedi Wizard”?  Find out in Jedi Wizard Renamed: The Thesaurus Entries.

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  1. I’m very impressed with the crafting system reveals – I think there what have excited me most (/at all, if I’m honest) about ToR since seeing the art & gameplay direction they’ve chosen.

    Certainly there are a lot of questions right now (like how doesn’t this system generate the limitless funds it would appear to on the surface?), but I’m genuinely interested in the answers – and if they make it worth ‘borrowing’ from this innovation in future games…

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