GuildFans Skill Design Results

Yesterday, GuildFans posted the results of their first contest. The contest was a “Design A Skill” contest for Guild Wars 2, where Guild Wars 2 designers Isaiah ‘Izzy’ Cartwright and Jon Peters would be the judges. Cartwright and Peters gave some excellent commentary on why they chose the winning skills. Peters also shed some light on the criteria he used in sifting through all the skill entries, such as simplicity, versatility, and whether it feels like a Guild Wars 2 skill.

I always enjoy hearing from game developers from a design standpoint. The “why” of design decisions can really help players understand the game they are playing. Sadly, I could not get my Spiteful Spirit re-make in as an entry in time, but the winning skills choices are great. I think my favorite is Plasma Shackles, but they are all pretty good.

There is no word on whether any of these will absolutely make it in to the game, but ArenaNet seems to enjoy using fan-driven suggestions to help build the game.


4 thoughts on “GuildFans Skill Design Results”

  1. Might as well get my “entry” out here. :P

    Spiteful Spirit – Trait. Equipping Spiteful Spirit will replace Shadow Fiend. (Shadow Fiend is a skill used during Death Shroud to summon a Shadow Fiend.)

    Spiteful Spirit – Skill. Summon a Spiteful Spirit. The Spiteful Spirit will deal damage to any enemy in the area using a skill. If Spiteful Spirit is killed, enemies within spell range are Crippled.

    Spite – Skill. Replaces Spiteful Spirit upon use of Spiteful Spirit. Deal X damage to enemy and nearby enemies. Spiteful Spirit takes X damage.

  2. Intriguing, sir; when you said “Spiteful Spirit re-make”, it didn’t cross my mind that it would be an actual spirit behaving spitefully!

    Too late to edge me out the prize slots though, bwa ha ha!
    Now I can foster a tiny spark of hope, for however many months, that my skill just might appear in-game in some form. ^_^

    An interesting read it was too.

    1. Yeah, yours was definitely good too! I agreed with the devs comments on fire though, but still what would a Balthazarian necro summon?!?!

      1. They’d summon PAIN via the medium of an axe, rather than letting minions have all the fun.

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