Self-Selection; Niche

This “go public to find people who think like you” strategy has created an unprecedented increase in the amount of material that is available to the public but not intended for the public — its creators are looking not to reach some generic audience but rather to communicate with their soul mates, often within a sense of shared cultural norms that differ from those of the outside world.
— Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus

WoW-blogging is very popular. Our biggest hits lately come from Guild Wars 2 news and exclusives. Meta-MMO blogging has a much smaller target audience of interested parties. Anyone can read it, just like anyone can read your Twilight/Haruhi Suzumiya crossover fanfics, but that is just a device to find the receptive population.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Self-Selection; Niche”

  1. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s I was heavily involved in the APA subculture. I spent hundreds of hours cutting, pasting, copying and collating. Most of those zines had a distribution of 30-50 copies.

    In the early 90s we talked a lot about how wonderful/awful it would be when the Information Superhighway arrived and we moved to a digital distribution platform. It would save/destroy the APA culture. Pick a side, buy another beer, argue until closing time.

    And what happened? Pretty much everyone just gave up. People made “Homepages” or Mailgroups and instead of articles and strips and stories we mostly got the equivalent of mailcoms withut any actual substance to comment on. By the time Blogs replaced Homepages as the mode of self-expression, the whole thing had already fallen apart.

    The “Webzines” we imagined, which would allow vastly increased creativity and vastly reduced drudgework simply never materialised. No-one wanted to read your 5,000 word article on Gardner Fox’s version of Sandman. TL:DR.

    I put it down to the craft thing as much as anything. All the parts we complained about, the glue and the scissors and the folding and stapling, that was actually the fun part. Learning HTML just wasn’t as enticing as forcing a photocopy to superdistort.

    One of these days I really must get my Blog started and find that niche audience of people who think like me. Some niche that’s going to be…

  2. Now I’m trying to think what kind of psyche would produce a haruhi/twilight fan fic. Those characters would mix like oil and water. Haruhi is the ultimate deconstruction of what Bella is-she is the literal center of the world, despite being a normal although slightly odd girl.

    Then again, I try not to think too deeply. Fujoshi/fangirls are a world to themselves.

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