‘Tis the Indie Season

EDIT: Seems the Humble Bundle #2 just went live, and the Puppy Games latest, Revenge of the Titans, is included. Braid and Machinarium I can wholeheartedly recommend. Definitely check it out, and be generous.

There are always lots of great games to be had, but this season I seem to be on an incredible indie kick. Steam is definitely helping with their ongoing sales, and I think they are absolutely amazing in getting an audience for indie devs. Rock Paper Shotgun and to a lesser degree Penny Arcade are also big sites that definitely give indie games some of the limelight. I want to share some of the games that have caught my eye.

First, Minecraft. In a few days the “lifetime” update subscription is evaporating as the game heads to beta. Oh, and the price will go up. Notch says that when the game hits beta he and his crew are going to be working more on content. So, Minecraft will eventually have perhaps a full story. For now, it’s 10 euro pricetag is possibly the best value for the money this year. Even if you haven’t grabbed it yet, you might want to pick it up now just to have an alpha account.

I also picked up Shatter off of Steam. For $2.50 it was practically free, but the game will jump back up to $10 soon. It’s a very visceral breakout-style game, but the paddle has a few key abilities. The most used abilities are the paddles ability to suck in and blow out air to manipulate the ball, power-ups, and even blocks. This small twist totally changes the game as players can curve the ball to a fairly large degree to surgical strike the blocks. If you miss this sale (ending in three hours), hopefully it will go back on sale during the Steam Christmas event.

I was also keyed in recently to Puppy Games. They are a great indie game company that focuses on retro-style re-envisionings of classic gameplay. I like their style, and I really like that they add an upgrade element to the classic games. For example, in the Space Invaders-esque Titan Attacks! the ship can be outfitted with extra firepower. All of their games can be demoed for free.. but wait! There’s more. Right now, they are selling their three games for about $7, which is a lot more reasonable than $20 per game. There are rumors that their latest game, Revenge of the Titans, will eventually hit Steam, but for now it’s in beta. Definitely check them out.

There are plenty of other great indie games, and definitely feel free to share your favorites below. ‘Tis the season.

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Also they put on shows.

7 thoughts on “‘Tis the Indie Season”

  1. Super Meat Boy is an absolute must to include in any indie gaming discussion right now. Simultaneously a throwback and a tribute/pastiche to/of various retro tropes and other indie games. Unbelievable gameplay and music. It’s just a joy to play and experience. Wholly recommended.

  2. Humble bundle purchased, x2. All I needed was Machinarium. the rest is a bonus. Heard good things about Braid too.

    Also picked up a third Minecraft account, this one for my daughter. We love Minecraft!

  3. The Steam challenge for Shatter was nuts. Fun kind of nuts, but still nuts. Took countless (60+?) rounds of practice and careful study of how the balls were bouncing to slowly move my score up from the low average of 7000-9000k to the requisite 11,200,000.

    After which, I relaxed, turned the music and sound back on, resolved not to play Bonus Mode again for a while… couldn’t take my mind off it, tried it again and scored 13,900,000 in three tries. Sheesh. Guess I was too tense with the challenge on my mind.

  4. I’m having the oddest response to the Humble Bundle #2. You see, I am totally broke. Like, not buying Christmas presents for my fiancee broke. And I could grab it for, like, ten cents, and I’ve been wanting to try Braid for a while now. But somehow getting it for ten cents seems like it’s insulting to the devs, whereas… not paying anything and not getting anything… doesn’t give even that ten cents to charity?

    It’s an odd sensation.

  5. @NBarnes – You’re being given the opportunity two kill two birds with one stone. Get some awesome games and donate, even if only a little, to charity. There’s nothing to feel bad about, though I WOULD suggest giving more than 10 cents. :P

    Pick an amount that arbitrarily doesn’t make you feel bad and that you can afford. Whether it’s 50 cents, a dollar, or hell ten bucks, ultimately you’re not doing wrong.

  6. You could kill three birds with one stone.

    “I gave away your Christmas present money to charity so that a sick kid in hospital could have his or her day brightened up with a book or toy. It was in the spirit of Christmas, think of the children…

    …I did get this awesome Humble Indie Bundle #2 for you in return though!”

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