[GW] A More Divine Wintersday

As with other MMOs, Guild Wars winter holiday celebration has arrived. Wintersday 2010 is here until January 3. This year there are two significant additions to the festival, and the Hearts of the North chapter in Guild Wars: Beyond wraps up. I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the amount of content the Live Team is getting out. I know there was a big hiccup during con season, but I hope this is more akin to the steady pace we might be seeing in the future.

First off, there are new buyable costumes: Agent of Balthazar costume and the Disciple of Melandru costume. One enterprising fan at Guru actually found the concept art for the costumes stuck in with a Guild Wars 2 concept art bunch. Anyway, they are pretty cool. I really like the Balthazar one, and I am considering picking it up. The Melandru one is a bit too… alien or Sylvari-ish for me. I guess I prefer spikes and horns to leaves.

As a quick aside, while costumes are awesome in their own way, I feel that this cash shop item type may be getting to a point of costume saturation with the community. It’s a gut feeling, but we just had three sets come out in three months. I definitely want to support Guild Wars, and hopefully ArenaNet is brainstorming other ways to make money. What other vanity items could they sell?

Anyway, the second addition is an amazing new quest… or rather two, where a player chooses sides between Melandru or Balthazar. These two gods have their own reasons for meddling in the eternal Wintersday struggle between Dwayna and Grenth. The quest itself is a Defense of the Ancients-style quest, where ally and enemy “minions” spawn every so often and push their way down a lane to fight. Players are the tipping point as they push forward to the enemy spawn point to stop the flow once and for all. Definitely check it out, and preferably with a friend or two.

Finally, the Wintersday update brought Gwen’s wedding, and a new hero. Since we already have Gwen in our stable of heroes, it was a pretty easy guess that her husband Keiran would be the new hero. Anyway, the wedding instance is officiated and catered by the Norn, and there is a separate quest if you want to help the Norn get all the supplies together for their catering. Either way, it is a nice close to a fun, if slightly confusing, chapter. It seem we’ll be heading to Cantha next!

i guess you ain’t that we’re small gods

3 thoughts on “[GW] A More Divine Wintersday”

  1. An enjoyable little finale to Hearts of the North it was. ^_^
    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Helga the Cub either, since she seems quite interested in defying norn convention and also travelling the world…

    I only had 2 brief attempts at the new snow mission, and didn’t last terribly long; to be honest it’s a little hard to get motivated now that I’ve finally completed my party & sugar title tracks.
    I expect that I’ll conquer it with my brother at some ppint, but mostly I’m just waiting for the miniature polar bear quests to reappear.

  2. I saw those costume concepts before, and really liked the Balthazar one especially and was thinking the armour is going to look great in the sequel. So now they’ve ended up in the original and I’ve not bought any of the costumes yet it’s a lot harder to resist. The only thing I’m wondering is do these transfer to the sequel, either as costumes (‘town clothes’) or acquiring a similar mechanic as the heritage armour sets.

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