Play To Type or Against?

I tend to play ranged support and damage classes, with a fondness for pets and turrets. I will be dabbling in Rift’s beta this week.

I could play to type and try to combine souls into a mage with ranged damage, a pet, healing, and buffs. I would have a large amount of experience to which to compare this character and how it plays. I would not add the unfamiliarity of a different role to a different game, mechanics, etc.

I could play against type and make a tank. I would have something relatively new to look forward to. I would not start with the “been there, done that” burnout of a character I have played in various versions for ten years.

I may not get much use out of healing, buffing, tanking, or taunting abilities unless I also become more social than usual and dive into grouping with unknown people who will disappear soon.


: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Play To Type or Against?”

  1. I honestly doubt I can play PvE there. Its about grade 2 / 5 with poor quests and a boring theme-park.
    That said i will try PvP this time around if there is anything like it available tomorrow.

    To your question – go with your type. The one good thing in this game – is that the classes is surprisingly fresh. It doesn’t necessarily going to feel the way it does in other games.

  2. Obvious answer. This is Rift: do them all.

    Roll a Rogue. Pick Ranger as your first soul (ranged DPS with tanky pet). Pick Riftblade as your second soul (rogue tank). Pick some kind of melee DPS as your third soul. Pick bard as your fourth soul. Switch back and forth whenever you feel like mixing things up =D.

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