Annual Safe Driving PSA

I am heading to my usual weekend-long New Year’s LAN party, and while I may no longer work for the state traffic safety office, I want to remind you to drive safely wherever you may be celebrating.

The worst time for alcohol-involved traffic crashes is midnight to 4am on January 1. Having a sober driver is a given, but I recommend celebrating somewhere you can sleep. As you know from your PUGs, you are not the problem, that other guy is, and that other driver lost count after the fourth tequila. Do not be between him and the tree. In case he missed the tree, watch for him in the morning. Your body processes about 1 drink per hour, so many people will be waking up still drunk.

If you are transporting alcohol to or from a party, put it in your trunk. There will be extra police out. You do not want questions about open container laws, and anything with a broken seal is “open.”

And if you are staying home, remember: don’t drink and tank.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Annual Safe Driving PSA”

  1. But intoxicated tanking is fun!

    Bravo. It’s really heart warming to read this public service post.

    Have a happy new year

  2. I’ve known and raided with 2 tanks who tanked noticeably much better while under the influence. Not a joke. The difference was very much there.

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