In the last round of Steam sales, I bought a game at 50% off. A few days later, it went to 75% off. My plan on Steam games is increasingly to wait until I want to play it right now, and then keep waiting until there is a 50+% sale. I have been trained to avoid good sales because of potential buyer’s remorse after great sales.

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8 thoughts on “Over-Saled”

  1. Buyer’s remorse on items that go on sale (or a bigger sale) has always seemed like such an odd thing to me. It’s like wanton regret. Unecessary. Either I was happy to purchase at the price when I did, or I wasn’t.

    What occurs afterwards is not only unimportant, but it’s inevitable. Why would I do that to myself?

    If something goes on sale on Steam for cheaper than I bought it– Hey, it’s time for a Steam gift to a friend. =)

  2. Yep, don’t bother with 25 or 30% off deals unless you want to play the game immediately. It’s bound to drop to 50% at some point, either during summer or winter sales or a daily deal, and depending on the publisher, has a good chance of going to 75% at some point. At 80-95% off, buy if you’ve the slightest interest in the game.

    Ultimately, it’s in Steam’s long term interest to build a population of rabid Steam junkies capable of making such discerments, since we end up checking their store’s homepage daily for deals, even if a developer doesn’t make as much as they might have from a less discounted game.

  3. I’m in Rog’s camp, minus the gift to a friend bit. You bought it a price you thought was good, having it go for less later doesn’t invalidate that original price being good. Also, in that case you had the game for some time, so it’s not like that money was for nothing.

  4. I reach the point of “must has NAO!” on Mass Effect 2 about a week before it went on Steam sale for half the price I’d paid at retail. But it was so friggin’ good I didn’t mind. I saved a fortune on other stuff, so I figure I came out way ahead for the month anyway.

  5. Paid 2x for Divinity 2, 3x for CoH, and 3x for Global Agenda, all a matter of 4-6 weeks previous to their sales. It hurt but there are so many other games that Steam has practically given away I’d say its a wash in the long run.

    1. That’s my attitude too. ^_^
      Would be incapable of buying anything in a timely fashion if I waited just-in-case.

  6. I bought 2k baseball full price $19.99 (still cheap compared to the $50 plus normality)

    The next DAY, it went on sale for $1.99.

    I even emailed Steam support. Silly, but worth a shot. First rule of Steam – don’t buy until discounted below 75%.

    I haven’t bought anything from them since then.

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