Shirky’s Call to Action

The choice we face is this: out of the mass of our shared cognitive surplus, we can create an Invisible University–many Invisible Colleges doing the hard work of creating many kinds of public and civic value–or we can settle for Invisible High School, where we get lolcats but no open source software, fan fiction but no improvement in medical research. The Invisible High School is already widespread, and our ability to participate in ways that reward personal or communal value is in no imminent danger.
— Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Shirky’s Call to Action”

  1. Does he explain why that’s an either/or? Indeed, if I understand his last sentence (which I’m not entirely sure I do) isn’t he saying that to have the former doesn’t endanger having the latter? In which case, where’s the “choice” of his premise?

    1. The “choice” is that lolcats and fan fiction are the default, adding public and civic value is an extra step. You must actively try to get more Wikipedias or else you end up with only more lolcats.

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