Start Small

Projects that will work only if they grow large generally won’t grow large; people who are fixated on creating large-scale future success can actually reduce the possibility of creating the small-scale here-and-now successes needed to get there. A veritable natural law in social media is that to get to a system that is large and good, it is far better to start with a system that is small and good and work on making it bigger than to start with a system that is large and mediocre and working on making it better.
— Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus

EVE Online is a good example of the former. I have about a dozen MMO examples of the latter.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Start Small”

  1. I feel this is The Problem with our beloved genre. Unfortunately it seems our Eastern brethren are the only ones realizing this, and many don’t translate well to Western style gameplay. Vindictus, IMHO, is the latest success story for starting small and adding pieces. I’ll call them Chipotle MMOs… do one or two things very well. People will come. :)

  2. The crazy part is that this isn’t some arcane bit of mystic knowledge. It’s common sense.

    Or uncommon sense if you’re an MMO dev or venture capitalist, apparently.

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