Parents on Parents

When parents want to give other parents unsolicited advice, it’s always to be a reminder rather than a preacher. There are simply too many unknown variables in the incredibly complex equation it takes to equal a family for an outsider to make many “laws of parenting.” Very good messages to start the new year with; just have to be careful about the delivery.

Anecdotally, my toddler (1.75 yo) used to give me raspberries on my stomach. I miss those since she’d rather stand on my stomach now (good for strength exercises) or give me a fist bump. I often wonder if I got enough of those raspberries.*

i know it was you, fredo

*Good parents already know the answer.

4 thoughts on “Parents on Parents”

  1. What about non-parents on parents? Being a non-parent, maybe my view isn’t tainted yet? All the babying has gotta stop though imo! Zomg my kid got made fun of at school…. SUE SUE SUE! Must protect my baby from the world! I mean I see how you could easily get tunnel vision and want to protect every aspect of your child’s life, but, shit is definitely going backwards in terms of progression.

    Yeah take that! I have an opinion!

  2. The important trick is teaching her the no-go zones when she climbs on top of you while you’re lying down. Legs? yes. Torso/chest? Yes. Stomach? Yes, as long as it’s not a surprise. Face? No. Crotch? NO!

    One of my more common expressions when the kids pile onto our bed of a morning is “{child}, get your {hand|elbow|knee} off my crotch” (said through grimaced teeth). Others are “Please don’t dig your knees into Mummy” and “Watch what you’re doing with your feet; you’re about to kick {sibling} in the face”.

  3. Having a toddler walk on your back is as good as 45 minutes of deep tissue massage in my book. Plus, they tend to find it hilarious.

    I used to have my son do it all the time when he was younger. Now that’s he’s 6′ tall, probably not going to ask.

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