RIFT on a Short Sale

Small public service announcement: RIFT is on sale at GoGamer.com for $40 + $3 shipping until about the end of 1/19/11 in the states (~40 hours from the time of this post). Once you take into account taxes at the local Gamestop, it still should come out to nearly $10 in savings. I have to say that $40 for a game I will be paying $15/month for after that first injection feels like a much more comfortable price point than $50, but buyers will have to rely on shipping lag (as opposed to the instantaneous digital delivery at Trion, Steam, etc.).


5 thoughts on “RIFT on a Short Sale”

  1. Obviously the market of impulsive buyers is growing, we noticed that with the many sales over Christmas and New Year. I don’t get why they ask so much to step in. It would probably attract more people if they left it away.

    Then again I’m sure enough people will buy it and after a few months quit. It’s one of the reasons I dislike the monthly payment systems. You can’t just play for a few hours whenever you like. You have to p(l)ay for a month when you feel like it.

  2. On the 6-month sub I’m paying just over £5.00 a month, which is, what, about $8.00? That takes the sting out of paying the full £34.99 for the digital download.

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