The Derision Derivative

I plan to make a nice long Rift post tomorrow, as I managed to sneak into the Beta 5, but while I try to enjoy my last testing day I’d like to appeal to my fellow testers to be strong and just ignore the “this game is just like Game Name Here” people which seem to be quite heavily popping up, especially in the evening US time. Explaining how all games borrow/copy successful elements from predecessors is something they either cannot understand or simply choose not to. It’s how evolution works, but the concept is lost on them. Don’t waste your time.


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8 thoughts on “The Derision Derivative”

  1. This blog post is just like all the others!

    This praise for Rift is just like the other commenter above. Why are people repeating themselves?!

    Dagnabit, my comment is copying other people’s comments. *shock, horror, brain implodes*

    Imitation and disgust at imitation and disgust at people expressing disgust for imitation are all overrated. :)

    Conversation is key. Is the complaint generating discourse and inviting discussion?

  2. I agree that all games borrow successful elements from their predecessors, and I _certainly_ agree that logging into a beta just to troll the chat channels is far beyond pathetic.

    But you know, it’s nice when evolution throws up a whole new species. Not just an offspring that is identical to its parent apart from slightly different shaped antennae. And that is _definitely_ what Rift is. Of the several dozen MMOs I have played, only Alganon was more blatantly derivative than Rift. It’s a shame that such obviously talented developers had so little ambition, because I think they could have made a really good game if they had aspired to do so.

  3. Except in a lot of places it feels like Rift when old and comfortable like [some other game] where it would have made more sense to make a system for Rift. Mob tagging, mob resetting, and group mechanics definitely spring to mind as things that don’t make full sense in view of Rift’s primary features.

  4. Would be very nice if they added a quick chat filter, that auto-kicks anyone who types WoW. Or perma-bans them, that would be cool too.

  5. As long as you’re only speaking, as I think you are, about people who are using feature comparisons to criticize and dismiss Rift as a WoW clone without actually exploring what the game has to offer.

    You cannot talk about Rift and pretend other games like WoW simply do not exist. I’ve seen a bit too much of the “omg how dare you mention WoW in the same breath!” reactions… more than I have seen people criticizing Rift to be frank. Defensive fanboy-ism is just as bad.

    To take an silly example, if Ford offered a new 4-door family sedan, you would think it was crazy if somebody objected to this new car being compared to the Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, which are the leaders in that class.

    But you would likewise think it crazy if somebody looked at the new Ford and said, “4 doors, 4 wheels, seats five, comes in white… total rip-off of the Accord! Pass!”

    1. Right, that’s where I find issue with the comments. All games trying to be successful will borrow/copy/steal (choose your favorite word) from a successful one that is working right now. I don’t mind that…I’m used to it.

      But so many chats are “this is just like WoW! sux” that it’s really just ridiculous.

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